10 Venture Capital Newsletters That Will Make You a Smarter Investor | by SAHIL SAPRU | August 2022

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The internet is full of many financial and marketing newsletters.

Unfortunately, good technical writers who understand the venture capital industry are rare.

During my conversations with technicians, I received recommendations on some high-quality blogs. These newsletters have helped me understand the holy trinity of technology, finance and business.

Bonus Tip: These newsletters have made me a better thinker and writer.

Sharing my curated list:

1/ Strategy by Ben Thompson

Ben is something of a legend in the VC circle. His writings are an excellent commentary on strategy, semiconductors, and payrails. Stratechery provides business information on technology and media companies.

Newsletter: https://stratechery.com/

2/ Newcomer by Eric Newcomer

One of Bloomberg’s sharpest journalists before creating his own blog. Newcomer provides insight into the inner workings of the startup industry, revealing behind-the-scenes stories. He knows “what’s hot” among VCs and big hedge funds like Tiger etc.

Newsletter: https://www.newcomer.co/

3/ Mainly metrics by CJ Gustafson

Mostly Metrics is a weekly business newsletter on finance and business models. CJ provides commentary on topics including corporate finance, investor relations, business development, and analytics.

CJ writes about key business metrics for technology company operators such as people close to CFO/COO roles.

Newsletter: https://www.mostlymetrics.com/

4/ The Generalist by Mario Gabriele

Mario is very popular among VCs. He writes about many emerging private tech companies and crypto. His blogs include a lot of storytelling.

Its mission is to create a transparent technology community on the planet, from idea to IPO.

Twitter: @mariogabriele

Newsletter: https://www.readthegeneralist.com/

5/ Not boring by Packy McCormick

Packy’s newsletter is very popular among crypto-focused venture capitalists.

Not Boring is the most fun way to learn more about what’s going on in business and the strategy behind the decisions companies make.

Twitter: @packyM

Newsletter: https://www.notboring.co/about

6/ Investing 101 by Kyle Harrison

Kyle is a big generalist at Contrary. He writes about the evolution of venture capital as an industry with a mix of humor. He brings extensive experience from the venture capital, private equity and hedge fund industries.

Twitter: @kwharrison13

Bulletin: https://investing1012dot0.substack.com/

7/ Who is Nnamdi by kay

Nnamdi is a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. He has invested in leading B2B internet companies such as GitLab and Epic Games (Fortnite). His essays are data-driven and include thoughtful analysis of technology topics.

Newsletter: https://whoisnnamdi.com/about-me/

8/ What is not by Ed Sim

Ed has been a blue chip investor for over 25 years. It invests in the next generation of technical founders. It organizes the main news on technologies and enterprise infrastructures.

Ed brings many years of investment experience that helps curate the best news on tech and VC trends.

Twitter: @edsim

Newsletter: https://whatshot.substack.com/about

9/ Pragmatic engineer by Gergely Orosoz

Orosoz writes about startups and software engineers. He is very active on Twitter and very popular among tech startups and VCs. Although a bit technical, Orosoz’s essays are easy to understand.

Twitter: @GergelyOrosz

Newsletter: https://newsletter.pragmaticengineer.com/

10/ The differential Byrne Hobart

The differential is a newsletter that follows the inflection in finance and technology. Bryne tracks companies and trends that may have long-term implications. His experience spans many industries and it shines through in his essays.

Twitter: @ByrneHobart

Newsletter: https://www.thediff.co/

Most newsletters offer free daily articles. Read their content and analyze the structure of the essay to build your own perspective on startups.

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