3 tech newsletters you need to subscribe to | by Anna Mara | March 2022

We all have tons of newsletters that we never read and that pollute our mailboxes.
So if you were to keep 3 newsletters related to technology topics, these would be my suggestions. These are newsletters that I read, open, and like on a daily or weekly basis.


It may be the most famous in the tech field, but it’s definitely my favorite above all else. Every day Dan sends you new techniques, summarizes them in two or three lines and links the complete article if you want to know more.

What do I like the most?

  • He inserts the reading time for each item
  • He proposes different article lengthsfrom 3min of reading to 20min of reading
  • He classroom articles by theme: tech, science, coding…
  • It links articles from different sources so you can discover great websites and new sources of information
  • It’s short enough to read daily and contains tons of information

2- TechCrunch Newsletters

You have tons of options for this one. It’s a multi-newsletter in one.

What do I like the most?

  • TechCrunch has many choices for your newsletter, you can choose your interest, from space to crypto, apps or startups.
    Personally, I love the “This Week in Apps” newsletter which gives you a great overview of what’s happening on the AppStore and Google PlayStore.
  • You have different options for the newsletter: daily weekly
  • It’s a bit longer than TLDR but you have all the information in a single email, you do not go from one site to another
  • You can go even further by visiting the TechCrunch website

3- Think with Google

This is not really a newsletter, but I suggest you activate emails.

Think with Google provides you with valuable information, articles, and tools on marketing, user experience, user interface, and other technology-related topics. The emails they send you are just a reminder to keep you up to date with the latest updates.

What do I like the most?

  • You can choose your geographical area and that is perhaps the best thing about it.
    In fact, I discovered it when I was working in Egypt, and it would provide me with insight into marketing in the MENA region, which is so different from marketing in France.
  • Not too many emails so as not to spam your mailbox

Harry L. Blanchard