5 must-have weekly music industry newsletters

Be the first to know about music industry happenings by subscribing to one of these five weekly music industry newsletters.

by JAmes Shotwell from Haulix

Whenever people ask me what resources I use to get ahead, I give them one answer: newsletters.


No one has time to read anymore. Between the constant demands of the workday and our need to be present with family, finding the time to consume anything beneficial to our professional endeavors is difficult for most adults. That’s if you can even find something worthwhile in the first place. Newsletters are the answer.

The Internet is an endless source of information and ideas. You can find anything anytime, but if you don’t have time to read, how can you be expected to do the research? Every extra step between finding information and using it is another reason people don’t, can’t, or won’t improve.

It sounds tired of writing, but it bears repeating that we only move forward when we all move forward. I believe the key to a better, more lucrative and equitable industry for all is education. People need to be able to improve and feel encouraged to help each other.

In other words, we have to try a little harder.

No matter your gender or role, the newsletters available now will make you a better professional. Whether collecting data on the biggest names in your market or tracking industry-wide trends, newsletters can help you stay ahead of your competition without losing too much. of time.

There are hundreds of amazing newsletters available, but there are a handful that I swear by and share daily. Enjoy.

Stream N’ Destroy (by Ryan J. Downey)

Anyone who claims rock ‘n’ roll is dead shouldn’t subscribe to Ryan Downey’s newsletter. Downey is a bestselling author and alternative music staple who uses his newsletter to keep everyone up to date on all things rock. From the most popular artists on Spotify to the best-selling albums of a given week, Downey provides data dumps on the state of rock and its many subgenres that no other publication seems to offer (at least not for free). . We learn more about Stream N Destroy every week than many industry-leading news sites, and we bet you’ll feel the same way after subscribing.

The Nashville Briefing (by Zak Kuhn)

Whether you’re curious about what’s going on in Nashville or need another perspective on where things are headed, The Nashville Briefing is your new three-weekly must-read. Trusted by more than 5,000 industry leaders and more, The Nashville Briefing offers high-level insight into the nation’s biggest moves and in-depth analyzes of emerging industry trends. On occasion, music and app recommendations are also thrown into the mix, all delivered through Zak Kuhn’s witty and insightful wordplay.

Music Journalism Insider (By Todd L. Burns)

I don’t care if you consider yourself a writer or not – Music Journalism Insider should be considered essential reading for anyone in the industry today. Todd L. Burns is doing the Lord’s work bringing together the latest and greatest reviews, essays, podcasts, videos, and everything in the current music discourse. This weekly newsletter tells you what people are talking about and who they are, including many voices you might not otherwise hear. Burns offers a premium tier that unlocks a contact sheet for people wanting to pitch stories, but the free tier is more than enough to keep you entertained and informed every Monday morning.

Music 3.0 by (Bobby Owsinsky)

Bobby Owsinski is a music industry veteran who believes in transparency. Bobby’s blog and accompanying newsletter take the biggest stories and moments in the industry and use them to educate readers about the music industry as a whole. What his writing lacks in personal revelations is more than made up for in industry savvy, so if you’re looking to get ahead, Music 3.0 may be the answer.

First floor (by Shawn Reynaldo)

I certainly know very little about electronic music as a whole. But Shawn Reynaldo’s writing makes it accessible to anyone in music. Its ability to not only make data digestible, but also to find the most interesting ways to examine the information we have is what sets First Floor apart from other electronic publications. If you need someone to handle an investigative report for your startup or want a second opinion on your next release, Shawn is someone you can trust.

Harry L. Blanchard