63% of marketers will use email newsletters to improve first party data

As marketers research new ways to collect data amid the decline of third-party cookies, new research suggests more and more are turning to email newsletters.

LiveIntent and Advertiser Perceptions recently conducted a joint survey to determine how marketers are changing their strategies. Statistics have shown that the majority of marketers (63%) intend to grow their mailing lists through newsletters to expand or improve their first party data in the near future. Additionally, nine in 10 marketers see newsletters as a valuable way to reach, target and personalize communication without third-party data.

Other solutions marketers use to develop or improve first-party data include social media (60%), content marketing (53%), and surveys (41%).

Unlock the potential of first-party marketing data

Even though many marketers still have access to first-party data, previous research indicates that they still fail to unlock their full potential.

MightyHive released “The Data-Confident Marketer” and statistics showed that less than one in 20 marketers believe they’ve tapped more than 80% of their first-party data potential. Most marketers said they only tapped between 21% and 40% of their first-party data potential.

The majority of respondents (56%) said they were only “somewhat confident” in the ability of their first party data to generate a solid ROI. About 3% said they were “not very confident”, while 1% said they were “not at all confident”.

Harry L. Blanchard