8 Great Small Business Newsletter Examples

Newsletters are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to convey relevant information to customers or prospects.

However, they can be hard to break if you mismanage creation or distribution. If your content placement is incorrect or the customer doesn’t resonate with your content, you may not get the results you want.

A great way to get inspired and learn best practices is from other small businesses and startups that are killing it with their newsletters. If you are considering deploying one for your business or improving an existing one, we have the perfect inspiration guide for you.

Some good examples of newsletters for small businesses

As a marketing tool, newsletters can instantly increase your brand value. Know your target audience and conduct regular surveys to ensure your communication is effective.

Email clients offer the ability to schedule your posts, which is a great way to save time when sending multiple emails. Each part has equal relevance in creating a timely newsletter that will bring you the desired conversion from content to graphic design.

If you already have a decent lead magnet, a good newsletter will help move customers forward in their sales journey. Just be sure to mark the newsletter release date in your social media calendar so you can send a reminder on your social media.

Let’s take a look at some of the best designed newsletters recently released to give some ideas.

1. Outside

Away is a young and dynamic start-up that designs smart luggage. They roll out monthly newsletters aimed at highlighting all the unique qualities of their product. Their newsletter content begins with a tagline that instantly grabs attention. Their content is divided into small sections which make it extremely easy to read and understand.


2. Nature conservation

The Nature Conservancy uses a single or dual color palette that matches brand values. These newsletters are a bit heavy on content, with the top section directed towards their mission and service statement. They use many links to their blogs and published articles, donation channels, and social media pages.


3. Bustle

The Hustle uses minimalism at its best. The Hustle shares top headlines and hot topics from around the world. It is a young and original newsletter that mainly starts with an eye-catching header and uniformly presented content. Their recipe for success is to write a newsletter with a personalized and unique tone of voice.


4. Next Draft

NextDraft is a daily email written by Dave Pell. He has impeccable writing skills, which makes this newsletter a success. It presents relevant facts and truth to support the information, and the newsletter uses minimal graphics. Since this is a daily email, it’s geared more towards highlighting relevant content than heavy graphics.


5. REI

REI is an e-commerce apparel company that deals in making apparel for sports and adventure activities. Their target audience (TA) is relatively young and driven by a sense of adventure. Therefore, their newsletter embodies a new tone of voice directed towards concerned consumers. It emphasizes its seasonal launches, uses very little content, and relies mostly on graphics.


6. Austin Cleon

Very laid back, no heavy promotions, just great content, that’s what makes the Austine Kleon newsletter successful. It uses lots of links to relevant pages, is very informative, and doesn’t use a lot of marketing gimmicks, making it a one-of-a-kind site. The language is friendly and conversational, far from typical jargon and euphemisms.


7. Fandango NOW

An online movie streaming app, FandangoNOW uses a simple approach for its newsletter. It starts with a header that clearly states the purpose of the newsletter and then highlights the CTA, which is the final action.


8. Ringtone

The Ringer primarily focuses on sports and pop culture, with its feet dipped in technology and politics. This is a newsletter that combines a content-rich structure with a clear, clean and minimal design. The USP is in their tone of voice and accurate information presented clearly and consistently.



Newsletters are an essential and effective business marketing tool and have various uses. The best part is that once you have planned the process of your newsletter, automating its publication becomes a situation of rest and success.

While there’s no denying that it takes some energy and creativity to crack the code to create an effective newsletter, these examples should help get you on the right track.

Harry L. Blanchard