8 wellness newsletters worth subscribing to

Most people would agree that email can be a mixed blessing. While it’s a wonderful communication tool, if you subscribe to too many mailing lists, you can end up with an inbox full of useless material that you never take the time to read.

However, some emails arrive in your inbox with a burst of positivity. Instead of wasting your precious time, they stand out from the crowd because they are concise and well-designed, offering messages to inspire or encourage you to take care of your own well-being.

Here are some mailing lists that you will find useful to subscribe to for your own health and mental well-being.

Happiful, a magazine on mental health and well-being, deals with delicate subjects with great sensitivity. Happiful places great emphasis on the quality of its advice on topics ranging from relationships to culture, even promising readers that a credentialed advisor looks into every issue. You can be assured that they have taken care to provide a high level of information.

Recent articles in Happiful’s email newsletter have included a 10 quick wins guide to workplace wellness. By subscribing to the Happiful mailing list, you receive a free digital copy of Happiful magazine. You can read it online in a browser or download the Happiful app.


Full subscriptions are available, but there are no hard sells here. And if you like what you read, a Happiful podcast is also available.

My Sweet Dumb Brain offers tips for coping with life’s ups and downs while being kind to yourself. This weekly newsletter was born out of a personal tragedy when its creator lost her husband at a tragically young age. Yet it is full of optimism and hope, brimming with joy and acceptance, like the recent issue, 10 Things I Love About Me.

A paid subscription model is available if you enjoy the free version, offering expanded coins and additional resources.

Zelo is synonymous with diligent enthusiasm, and the folks at Zelo produce a fantastic range of journals to help people foster this attitude towards work and life. Zelo sends out a weekly email called Three Tip Thursday, which does exactly what the title promises to a loyal tribe of over ten thousand subscribers.

Recent topics have included money, work/life balance, and the vital need to find effective time management tips to organize your workload. Although there is often a link offering discounts on Velo products, there is no hard sell. By the way, Zelo products are great, and this writer swears by the original journal to organize a cluttered mind.

Psych Central is a fantastic web resource, offering detailed information and support to help with all types of mental health issues, phobias and disorders. Sign up for their newsletter to receive tips, stories and how-tos. This newsletter and website are especially useful for anyone helping a loved one through difficult times. And they’re not selling you anything, they’re just providing an essential source of support to over two hundred thousand subscribers worldwide.

Here’s another chance to get yourself a free magazine. Thrive is a quarterly health magazine focused on nutrition and healthy living. If you’re interested in how the quality of the food you eat affects your health, or if you’ve ever considered using a meal planner app to eat healthy, you’ll find recipes and ideas to inspire you to do well. live.

Sign up for the Thrive newsletter to receive a free digital copy of the magazine, an e-book titled 10 Healthy Breakfasts, and a vegetarian cookbook. Every month you receive a newsletter called Healthy Bites, containing recipes, articles and contests. Because Thrive doesn’t flood your inbox, you’ll be eager to read what’s new when their emails drop.

This newsletter is from Jordan Brown, a mental health advocate who is on a mission to provide authentic mental health information to empower the lives of others. Each week, your inbox will contain an email full of links designed to keep you up to date with the latest news and research. You’ll find yourself watching videos, taking quizzes, and reading free guides. Jordan doesn’t minimize anything or try to minimize how debilitating the effects of poor mental health can be on all aspects of life, and he goes to great lengths to examine the causes and symptoms.

There is so much content that you may only find one or two of the suggested readings in each newsletter. However, Brown has taken the time to provide an abbreviated format of the set for anyone feeling anxious or overwhelmed. He is a man who really understands. If you’re not sure if this one is for you, try exploring the full list of blogs so far on the Mental Health Update website.

Planet Mindful is another magazine that offers a free issue when you sign up for their newsletter. Focusing on authentic living, caring for our planet, and embracing the moment, Planet Mindful is a welcome voice for anyone who wants to learn more about living more sustainably. If you are interested in this newsletter, there are several apps for living a more sustainable life.

You’re encouraged to subscribe to the print or digital edition, but the newsletter is a great read on its own and gives a great insight into the magazine’s tone. Recent articles have included a guide to extroversion versus introversion, and the benefits of cold water therapy, for fans of the BBC Freeze series The Fear starring Wim Hof. With a full 100-page issue available, it’s easy to decide if this one is for you. This writer enjoyed reading an article titled The Benefits of Chocolate!

This one is a nice burst of positivity to inspire those of you with a touch of wanderlust, especially after all the frustrations and restrictions that have come with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sidetracked is a print journal that publishes three times a year to record and capture the experience of travel adventures around the world. Sidetracked is on a mission to seek out the unknown and push boundaries quite literally, producing stories and videos that offer new insight into the landscapes, people and culture of our incredible planet.

The weekly Sidetracked Field Journal has nearly reached two hundred editions. The latest issue travels from the Bolivian Andes through the English Peak District to Kazakhstan. Not only will this newsletter take you virtually around the world, but it will also lead you to other sources of beautifully curated images and stories. It is highly recommended.

Read your way to positivity

In our busy lives, it’s essential to take a step back and think about our health and well-being from time to time. Signing up to receive positive affirmations and inspirational articles in your inbox could provide you with the perfect solution to find a moment of peace and mindfulness during a hectic day.

Then take a positive lifestyle one step further by incorporating other sources of positive messages on your smartphone, such as anti-stress apps and positive podcasts.

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