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So besides being easy to use, mobile friendly, and SEO optimized, a good agency website in 2021 also needs to have a lot of personality and differentiation.

Below is a series of tips on some of the features that can give your real estate agency website the best chance for success …

Qualify visitors and focus more on sellers / owners

An issue with some real estate agent websites is too focused on buyers and tenants, rather than sellers and landlords.

The vast majority of buyers and renters will come through portal listings, allowing you to add them to your database and stay in touch with them regularly from there.

When sellers and owners pay agent bills, your website should stand out and give them the opportunity to contact you or inquire.

Of course, showing potential clients how you would market their property is important, but the focus on property search can be too buyer / tenant-centric, pushing sellers and landlords out of the way without take no action.

Being able to immediately qualify visitors is an extremely useful way to save time and determine which requests need to be prioritized.

Some agents have started asking visitors to qualify on their homepage. This is a great way to make your website more efficient and ensure that all visitors receive the information that is most relevant to them.

Do you have an up-to-date blog page?

The vast majority of real estate agent websites will have a blog or a news article page, but the deciding factor for potential clients will be the relevance and timeliness of any content posted.

Simply put, if your last blog was in 2017, that sounds bad. Your blog or news page provides a great opportunity to educate, inform, and even rank higher in searches by asking the right questions.

The content you produce has a dual purpose. Not only is it helpful to have on your website, but it can be used on social media to keep things fresh and avoid dreaded property listing posts.

In recent weeks, there have been many significant events for agents to comment on, from the extension of the stamp duty and 95% mortgage guarantee system on sales, to the introduction of the Breathing Space regulation. and a rental arrears mediation system.

In addition to the news content, local guides are great for SEO and allow you to showcase your local knowledge and inject a bit of personality into the proceedings.

Is your website a cliché-free zone?

When writing a website copy to showcase a business, it can be easy to fall into the trap of using the same old phrases.

As you browse real estate agent websites, you will often see a selection of the same phrases such as “innovative”, “bespoke”, “integrity” or “bespoke service”.

It would be almost impossible to avoid website clichés when talking about the service you provide to customers. However, it can be beneficial to review what your website says and ask yourself if it looks completely authentic.

Explaining what makes your business different and telling your brand story in a non-corporate way can help you stand out.

Bold and powerful imagery can pay dividends

The homepage of your website is there to wow visitors and wow them with ambitious images.

Lately, more and more agents are using their home pages to display large, bold images of the local area – this approach can have a big impact.

Using real images of the local area and culture is a more dynamic way to show potential customers that you are in tune with the local market and demographics.

These images can be updated seasonally, while some agents will even partner with local photographers and artists to ensure their images are unique and powerful.

Stock images have a purpose, but for your virtual storefront, it is more effective to emphasize bold, original and local images.

The importance of user experience

As mentioned above, when it comes to attracting website traffic agents, real estate portals are in fierce competition.

These websites are sleek, well-developed, and focus on user experience, so real estate agent websites need to reflect this approach in order to reduce the mustard among consumers.

A transparent and easy-to-navigate website is the minimum that potential customers expect from your site. It must also be fully responsive.

Statcounter research suggests that in the UK, mobile and tablet usage accounts for over 52% of browsing. And this trend is only expected to develop in the years to come.

* Phil Spencer is a presenter, author, businessman and real estate investor. Phil’s consumer advisory platform Move iQ, is a website, Youtube channel and Podcast. Each preserves and reflects the same fairness that consumers trust and base their property moving plans. Coming soon: Move iQ Pro, Phil’s resource for supporting the real estate community. Stay tuned, ready to launch!

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