Are you self-hosted apps? Share which ones

I was wondering if there are other people here who host some apps and services themselves instead of using managed services. I like it a lot and yesterday I migrated my email domains to my server with Mailcow and I love it. Below is the list of what I host myself so far. And you? Do you host yourself or just use third-party services for everything?

– Nextcloud
– Mailcow (email, calendar, contacts)
– My DynaBlogger blogging platform
– Minio (assets for my blog)
– Vaultwarden (password manager)
– Plausible analyzes
– Planka (Kanban project management)
– Commento (for my blog comments until I complete the same feature in DynaBlogger)
– Responsive CV (to easily manage and share my CV)
– Firefly (personal finance)
– Wallabag (save articles to read later)
– dPaste (pastebin)
– Crowdsec (intrusion prevention)
– Pile of Books (Wiki)
– Vikunja (task management)
– Metabase (a business intelligence solution similar to Google Data Studio)
– Transmission (to download stuff)
– Jackett (to manage Torrent indexers)
– Radarr (to search movies)
– Sonarr (to search TV shows)
– Plex (media management)
– Whoogle (private interface for Google)
– Gitea (code hosting)
– NetData (system monitoring)

Support services required by the above applications:
– MariaDB (dbs for various applications)
– Postgres (dbs for various applications)
– Clickhouse (data store for Plausible Analytics)
– Memcached (for caching with various applications)
– Redis (Caching or other use with multiple applications)
– Maxmind (for geolocation with Plausible Analytics)
– Nginx Proxy Manager (proxy to manage application access)

Harry L. Blanchard