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Benefits of the SBI Salary Account: An employee is familiar with the salary account because without a salary account, he will not be able to receive his monthly salary. Although the recruiter is fully invested in the bank they prefer to open a salary account for their employees, but those who have a salary account at the State Bank of India (SBI), there are certain advantages other than the balance account. no one, which they can’t afford to miss.

According to the official SBI website –, the benefits of the SBI salary account include insurance benefits; discount on personal loan, home loan, car loan, education loan, etc. Apart from this, there are also other benefits that an SBI salary account holder should be aware of and pass on to others who also have a salary account in SBI.

Here are the following 5 advantages of the SBI salary account:

1]Accidental death cover: SBI salary account holders are entitled to Accidental death coverage of 20 lakh.

2]Aviation accidental death cover: According to the official SBI website –, in the event of aviation accidental death, the SBI salary account holder is entitled to accident (death) insurance coverage up to 30 lakh.

3]50% discount on loan processing fees: An SBI salary account holder is entitled to a 50% processing fee on any loan such as personal loan, home loan, car loan, etc.

4]Ease of overdraft: The State Bank of India also offers an overdraft facility to its salary account holders. India’s largest commercial bank pays up to two months salary under the overbought facility to SBI salary account holders.

5]Discount on locker fees: SBI offers up to 25 percent reduction on locker fees to its salary account holders.

Apart from these, the free issuance of drafts, multi-city checks, SMS alerts, free online NEFT / RTGS, unlimited free transactions on ATMs of any bank are of other advantages offered by the SBI to its salary account holders.

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Three Irish brands create a green scene for children Mon, 10 May 2021 05:00:00 +0000

The 2018 IPCC report on climate change had just been launched and Dublin mother Sharon Keilthy really wanted to do the right thing for the environment – and by her four year old daughter Ava she wanted to buy him a plastic-free toy that hadn’t been shipped 22,000 miles from China.

Keilthy came home empty-handed and disappointed, having discovered how difficult it was to do the right thing. “I had this moment of realization: if what’s on the shelf isn’t green, how can we expect people to make the right choice?

Not wanting to buy Ava ‘plastic wrapped in plastic, wrapped in even more plastic,’ Keilthy realized that getting the green option off the shelf – and working to make it the only option was essential. . With 80% of toys made in China and 90% from virgin plastic, she saw the toy industry as “a great place to step in” to help the environment.

Its ecological formula boiled down to “plastic free” and “locally made”. Plastic-free to keep toys away from the “messy truth about petroleum” – from which plastic is made – the destructiveness associated with exploration, drilling, hydraulic fracturing, pipelines, oil spills, disputes with indigenous peoples. With very few Irish-made toys – plus they are expensive – “local”, she found, means made in Europe.

Keilthy started selling eco-friendly toys at his St Anne’s Park market in Raheny. Two and a half years later, his company, (named after Pinocchio’s conscience Jiminy Cricket), is Ireland’s largest eco-specialist distributor of children’s art supplies, crafts and toys. With over 500 items, they are 93% completely plastic free.

“The other seven percent are mostly plastic-free, but contain pieces of Velcro or tiny pieces of shrink wrap.”

Keilthy sees the switch to bioplastics as a big and relatively accessible opportunity for the toy industry to become more sustainable. Made from plants, the carbon footprint of bio-plastic is neutral / negative. sells online and supplies 45 stores in Ireland and UK. “We are not here to get rich, but to solve a problem, to make the toy industry sustainable. Small businesses need to be the forerunners of this technology – so consumers are starting to demand more from toy stores. ”

Sharon Keilthy with her daughter Ava

Cardboard jungle

A Dublin company has created a range of cut-out, eco-friendly jungle animals – and it all started when a six-year-old fell in love with the dog Dulux.

Ronan Conway, Managing Director of P + D – a large format printing company in business for over 50 years – says Georgia Lloyd, daughter of the company’s COO, inspired the Cardboard Jungle eight-animal line.

“She saw a 3D stand-up of the Dulux dog. She fell in love and asked her dad to do more. We came up with the concept of coloring animals at waist height on an adult and we tested them all on our own children, ”says the father of two sons, aged seven and five. He adds that the impact of Covid over the past year has also led to a desire to explore new opportunities.

P + D is an FSC (Mark of Responsible Forestry) approved “ chain of custody ” supplier, assuring customers that products have been made from responsibly sourced paper and board. This eco-consciousness can be found in their Cardboard Jungle brand.

“The materials used come from responsibly managed forests that offer environmental, social and economic benefits and are 100% recyclable. The Cardboard Jungle range is produced in Ireland, ”explains Conway.

Along with tigers, giraffes, elephants, hippos, rhinos, deer, camels and gorillas, there are plans to conceive more, including a lion and a zebra. No matter what animal you choose, each pack contains a booklet with fun and educational information about the animal – including information about the importance of that animal, its importance in the ecosystem – how the animal was cut and child-friendly instructions on how to make it. the cardboard jungle animal.

Children are encouraged to design their own unique version of each animal using whatever colors / patterns they want.

“Cardboard Jungle will stimulate creativity, keep kids busy and off screens,” says Conway.

Lough Boora Discovery Park

Typically attracting over 100,000 visitors a year, Lough Boora Discovery Park recorded 85,000 visitors last year despite the pandemic.

Developed by Bord Na Móna for 25 years, the 2,000 hectares of reclaimed peatlands of Co Offaly were once a beehive of the bog harvesting industry. “Today it is an open free space that has seen an absolute transformation of habitat and environment,” says Thomas Egan, founder and director of Lough Boora Discovery Park.

“It’s a paradise for biodiversity, a true sanctuary for nature,” he explains, citing the 2012 BioBlitz where environmentalists recorded 940 species in 24 hours.

Egan says young families are the “main core” of visitors.

“The park is a mix of nature crossed by boardwalks and cycle paths – easy, flat terrain means you can walk a bit of distance. Over the seasons, the children of the region come to see the changes in the flora. It’s very exciting in May – the peat bog cottons begin, the first orchids arrive. It’s colorful – everything is waking up.

Lough Boora Outdoor Sculpture Park has been ranked among the top 10 of its kind in the world. It uses materials naturally present on site or linked to the industrial heritage of peatland exploitation. Sculptures such as a large stone pyramid and an array of painted industrial trains scattered around the park – one of which is laid out as a Thomas the Tank Engine – really draw kids into the wilderness.

“They are drawn to trains, but at the same time, they interact with nature at its best.”

Lough Boora features a large-scale fairy trail, the development of which was helped by a local craftsman, who works with the willow tree. The Irish Fairy Door Company was also involved.

“Among the birches and willows there are paths crossed where children find these little fairy havens,” says Egan, adding that the schoolchildren who take part in the tours available at Lough Boora “come away with a rich knowledge of nature. and biodiversity ”.

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Is RealReal launching a fashion brand? – WWD Mon, 10 May 2021 04:02:04 +0000

Is RealReal launching a fashion brand?

WWD has learned that the consignment website – best known for selling other companies’ fashions – is in the process of hiring a senior in-house designer, with the apparent goal of launching a “private label.”

Judging from a job posting on The RealReal’s own site, the designer position, which will be based in New York or San Francisco, will set “the general direction of the conceptual and final development of the product lines within of the TRR (private label) ”. describes the list.

The company says it is “looking for a seasoned designer with end-to-end experience throughout the design process, from market research to sketching, specs and fit. The lead designer will help launch a series of strategic initiatives around sustainable product development and upcycling. Thorough knowledge of product development, construction and finishing techniques is essential. This role requires solid experience in designing products for well-known luxury brands, ”the list says.

A representative from The RealReal, however, wrote off the position as more of a special project-based position. “We are always looking for opportunities to increase our impact when it comes to creating a more circular future for fashion. Adding design talent to our team will help us explore potential sustainable creation pathways that keep existing products and materials from moving out of landfills and into circulation, including the expansion of our new ReCollection recycling program, ”said writes the spokesperson to WWD in an email.

RealReal declined further comment on the nature of an internal design project. In recent years, the company has used emerging brands to publish capsule collections on its site using recycled or sustainably sourced materials. But in these cases, it is understood that the brands controlled the designs for each release, with The RealReal acting as the sales enabler.

In March, The RealReal dropped the first edition of its ReCollection project, in which unsold items from brands like Balenciaga, Simone Rocha, and Jacquemus are recycled by a Los Angeles-based creative repair studio.

At the time, James Rogers, director of sustainability at The RealReal, told WWD: “This is just the start. What we think it will look like in the future, we plan to build a library for other designers, so any leftovers or leftovers from that initial collection will be kept and turned into part of this library. As we make more and more ReCollections they can be used and kept out of landfill – so really [we’re] think about creating a repository specifically focused on upscaling initiatives. “

The collection, however, were all unique models. Much of it remains unsold on The RealReal’s site, where it has been posted since April 1.

The opening up of the design role of the company seems linked to a more permanent initiative. It requires a minimum of 10 years of experience in a “reputable luxury brand” and in-depth knowledge of development, fit, pattern creation and delivery times.

The person would also oversee “the selection of fabrics and trim from inventory owned by RealReal and authorized sustainable partners and brands.” For its ReCollection program, The RealReal requires that recycled parts contain no virgin fabrications, that they be zero waste, and that the labor behind them must be fair wage and sourced from the United States.

There is also the issue of the excess fabric produced by the fashion industry each season. Traditionally, custom textile bolts from brands like Marc Jacobs could be found for sale at New York City Garment District fabric stores. But maybe RealReal could take that fabric and recycle it in cut-and-sewn forms.

This style has long been popular with Urban Outfitters, which offers its “Urban Renewal” line of clothing made from recycled second-hand clothing and fabrics that have been dead for much of the past decade.

In August, The RealReal’s chief financial officer, Matt Gustke, said the pandemic had been a “catalyst” for the company’s direct relationship with brands, reporting a 46% increase in articles logged by brands during COVID-19 as they sought to make money. sources they could. In November 2019, Allison Sommer, director of strategic initiatives for the company, said brands were quickly starting to work with resale partners like The RealReal.

RealReal has become increasingly selective with what parts it accepts as a shipper – demanding nearly new condition of all the inventory it accepts. Many of the company’s online consignment competitors facilitate a consumer-to-consumer model of commerce – meaning sites like Poshmark, Tradesy, Vestiaire Collective and Thredup don’t hold inventory and sellers ship directly to buyers.

RealReal owns inventory and photographs, authenticates and ships products in-house, requiring much higher overhead costs that at times have rocked investors. The company has yet to make a profit – with observers saying the cost of running The RealReal, which now includes a large retail footprint, is hampering its overall success.

Analysts have largely declined to comment on the prospect of a fashion line from The RealReal. The company’s stock was trading at around $ 23 a share on Friday – about double the price per share at the same time last year when The RealReal was significantly beaten by the pandemic as buyers limited their purchases. fashion items.

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You just have 8 days to claim this IRS tax refund money before it’s gone forever Mon, 10 May 2021 01:00:05 +0000

Does the IRS have an income tax refund that you must claim before May 17th?

Sarah Tew / CNET

Does the IRS have an income tax refund that you haven’t claimed yet? The IRS estimates that 1.3 million taxpayers have $ 1.3 billion in unclaimed tax refunds for 2017 that they are waiting to deliver. If you haven’t filed a federal income tax return for 2017, time is running out: you have a little over a week to file your refund. After May 17 – Tax day this year – such unclaimed 2017 tax refunds will become the property of the US Department of the Treasury.

With Tax Day moved to May 17 this year, the IRS is still busy processing tax returns in the same way sending of weekly batches of stimulus checks and “increased” payments in addition to preparing to send the first of the extended child tax credit payments.

We’ll show you how to see if the IRS has an income tax refund that you need to claim. To find out more, here’s how recover $ 16,000 in child care expenses, How? ‘Or’ What save $ 50 on your internet bill, see if your state has unclaimed money that it owes you and what you want to know child tax credit payments. This story is frequently updated.

When is the deadline to request an older tax refund?

The IRS is required to keep unclaimed tax refunds for three years. By law, if you don’t ask for a refund after three years, the money becomes the property of the US Treasury and you won’t be able to get it. For a 2017 income tax refund, you must claim by Tax day (May 17) before it disappears.

How do I know if the IRS has an unclaimed tax refund for me?

The only way to know if the IRS is withholding your refund is to file a return for the year, the IRS said. The agency regularly estimates the dollar amount of unreported tax returns, but cannot determine whether an individual taxpayer is entitled to a refund until they file a tax return. the Where is my refund tool can’t help either. It reports on the reimbursement status of those who have already filed their taxes.

Now playing:
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Child tax credit: how much do you get?


How do I claim my tax refund?

To request a refund for 2017, you must submit your 2017 tax form, either online or by post. If you send it by mail, the tax return must be postmarked before May 17th. Note that you may also need to file a tax return for 2018 and 2019 for the IRS to release your 2017 refund.

What if I’m missing documents for my 2017 taxes?

You can find the previous year’s tax forms on the IRS ‘ forms page. If you are missing a 2017 W-2, 1098, 1099, or 5498, the IRS recommends that you request a copy from your employer or bank. You can also order a free transcript of salaries and income of the IRS then use the information on the transcript to file your income tax return.


The IRS is busy processing tax returns and sending out stimulus checks and premium payments.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Can my unclaimed refund be used to cover a debt?

If you think you owed a refund from 2017 but you do not receive one after your file, all or part of your refund may have been cleared, or used to pay overdue federal tax, state income tax, unemployment compensation debts, child support, spousal support, or other federal debts such as student loans.

For more information about your 2020 taxes, here is how to claim the missing stimulus money on your taxes and how to monitor your tax fund this year.

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agents should create their own st … Sun, 09 May 2021 23:00:59 +0000

So besides being easy to use, mobile friendly, and SEO optimized, a good agency website in 2021 also needs to have a lot of personality and differentiation.

Below is a series of tips on some of the features that can give your real estate agency website the best chance for success …

Qualify visitors and focus more on sellers / owners

An issue with some real estate agent websites is too focused on buyers and tenants, rather than sellers and landlords.

The vast majority of buyers and renters will come through portal listings, allowing you to add them to your database and stay in touch with them regularly from there.

When sellers and owners pay agent bills, your website should stand out and give them the opportunity to contact you or inquire.

Of course, showing potential clients how you would market their property is important, but the focus on property search can be too buyer / tenant-centric, pushing sellers and landlords out of the way without take no action.

Being able to immediately qualify visitors is an extremely useful way to save time and determine which requests need to be prioritized.

Some agents have started asking visitors to qualify on their homepage. This is a great way to make your website more efficient and ensure that all visitors receive the information that is most relevant to them.

Do you have an up-to-date blog page?

The vast majority of real estate agent websites will have a blog or a news article page, but the deciding factor for potential clients will be the relevance and timeliness of any content posted.

Simply put, if your last blog was in 2017, that sounds bad. Your blog or news page provides a great opportunity to educate, inform, and even rank higher in searches by asking the right questions.

The content you produce has a dual purpose. Not only is it helpful to have on your website, but it can be used on social media to keep things fresh and avoid dreaded property listing posts.

In recent weeks, there have been many significant events for agents to comment on, from the extension of the stamp duty and 95% mortgage guarantee system on sales, to the introduction of the Breathing Space regulation. and a rental arrears mediation system.

In addition to the news content, local guides are great for SEO and allow you to showcase your local knowledge and inject a bit of personality into the proceedings.

Is your website a cliché-free zone?

When writing a website copy to showcase a business, it can be easy to fall into the trap of using the same old phrases.

As you browse real estate agent websites, you will often see a selection of the same phrases such as “innovative”, “bespoke”, “integrity” or “bespoke service”.

It would be almost impossible to avoid website clichés when talking about the service you provide to customers. However, it can be beneficial to review what your website says and ask yourself if it looks completely authentic.

Explaining what makes your business different and telling your brand story in a non-corporate way can help you stand out.

Bold and powerful imagery can pay dividends

The homepage of your website is there to wow visitors and wow them with ambitious images.

Lately, more and more agents are using their home pages to display large, bold images of the local area – this approach can have a big impact.

Using real images of the local area and culture is a more dynamic way to show potential customers that you are in tune with the local market and demographics.

These images can be updated seasonally, while some agents will even partner with local photographers and artists to ensure their images are unique and powerful.

Stock images have a purpose, but for your virtual storefront, it is more effective to emphasize bold, original and local images.

The importance of user experience

As mentioned above, when it comes to attracting website traffic agents, real estate portals are in fierce competition.

These websites are sleek, well-developed, and focus on user experience, so real estate agent websites need to reflect this approach in order to reduce the mustard among consumers.

A transparent and easy-to-navigate website is the minimum that potential customers expect from your site. It must also be fully responsive.

Statcounter research suggests that in the UK, mobile and tablet usage accounts for over 52% of browsing. And this trend is only expected to develop in the years to come.

* Phil Spencer is a presenter, author, businessman and real estate investor. Phil’s consumer advisory platform Move iQ, is a website, Youtube channel and Podcast. Each preserves and reflects the same fairness that consumers trust and base their property moving plans. Coming soon: Move iQ Pro, Phil’s resource for supporting the real estate community. Stay tuned, ready to launch!

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Local News: The Neston (Neston) news, features, events, info, deals and reviews website Sun, 09 May 2021 17:58:00 +0000

The Blue Bicycle commissions its own work of art Neston

Publication: May 9, 2021 6:58 PM

Artist Neston Joe Tunstall captures the history and future of The Blue Bicycle in a beautiful new watercolor painting.

Painting of the Blue Bicycle Cafe commissioned by the family owners and painted by Joe Tunstall.

Some readers may recall a story we posted in March about local artist Joe Tunstall and his generosity in auctioning off works of art for sale, benefiting the Hospice du Bon Pasteur. .

Charmed by Joe’s artistry, capturing The Harp Inn pub in a beautiful watercolor, The Blue Bicycle inquired about commissioning a painting of his own beautiful premises.

We put them in touch and now eight weeks later the McDonagh Blue Bicycle family proudly hung their beautiful painting in a prime spot for all to admire.

Last March Joe admitted, “” The harp painting is the first watercolor I have done in about 5 years! “He painted the pub as a personal gift for a grieving friend who spent many happy hours outside the pub.

There was an overwhelmingly positive response to Joe’s talent and skill and The Blue Bicycle weren’t the only ones showing interest in painting the locals.

By Joe TunstallThe Harp Inn painted in watercolors by Joe Tunstall.

We think the new paint captures the historic brick building perfectly, with The Blue Bicycle’s charm enticing us to savor some delicious bites.

For now, coffee lovers can enjoy the fantastic new courtyard outside the cafe and it won’t be long before we are back seated in the comfort of the inside.

The blue bike

The blue bike

The blue bike

See our original article Art auctioned by artist Neston for the benefit of the Hospice du Bon Pasteur here.

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RT launches interactive website with personal WWII correspondence for Russian V-Day – RT World News Sun, 09 May 2021 10:32:00 +0000

‘The Endless Letter’ Website, produced in partnership with Red collar Digital Agency, is the last part of the #VictoryPages multiplatform digital project launched by RT Creative Lab in 2020 and dedicated to 75 years of victory over Nazism. #VictoryPages is represented by ‘The Endless Letter’ at Instagram.

‘The Endless Letter’ is a unique graphic series comprising hundreds of excerpts from original frontline letters from WWII, which were collected from Russian archives by the team of ‘Front Letters‘project. The quotes are accompanied by illustrations created by young students of the RANEPA design school in Moscow, as well as renowned artists Peter Bankov and Mikhail Sorkin. The letter fragments and illustrations were shared line by line on Instagram Stories, creating a sort of ‘endless letter’ with an original, non-stop score by young Russian composer Max Makarychev.

The new website brings together frontline missives, illustrations and music in an interactive cloud-like archive.

Our online archive of letters is an archive of feelings,Says Kirill Karnovich-Valua, Creative Director of RT Creative Lab. “Each line bears the image of a real human being. It’s a story about the fate of an ordinary person – a soldier, a wife, a mother, a child, a father … It’s the story of millions of families, those who lived and died during this terrible war. It is above all a love story. “

The unique user experience offers an intimate glimpse into a world at war. Karnovich-Valua says:

We wanted to create the atmosphere of reading dear letters by candlelight, telling a private story from that time, the stories of ordinary people.

The triangle shaped pieces of parchment unfold when clicked to reveal a letter fragment with illustration accompanied by music and special effects. The letters containing the author’s name and fate (when known) are arranged in chronological order.

Our goal was to produce an unusual user experience. A space that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the moment,»Says Denis Lomov, creative director of Red Collar. “The letters are arranged in 3D space. Using colors, fonts and textures, we transport the user to the days of the Great Patriotic War, and the subtle silhouettes of people, flying sparks, rising snow, tracer bullets and music. help convey each other’s tension and tragedy. history.”

The website uses the ‘May’ font, created especially for the #VictoryPages project. The unique font is compiled from hundreds of original historical inscriptions handwritten by Soviet soldiers on the walls of the Reichstag in the spring of 1945.

#VictoryPages is a large multiplatform digital project dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the defeat of Nazism. It offers the opportunity to assess the magnitude of May 9, 1945, the day the war for the USSR ended, through the personal impressions of our contemporaries. Almost 27 million people were killed or died during the war. The project is a victory story told for young people, by young people, using the language of modern media, on five social networks.

Different series of the #VictoryPages project garnered a total of 69 awards, including Webbys, Clio Awards, Epica Awards, Shorty Social Good Awards, and Red Dot Awards, among others.

Do you want to stay informed of our new projects? Discover RT Creative Lab’s website. Follow RT Creative Lab on social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo.

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Website launched to track COVID-19 beds in private hospitals in Bengaluru Sun, 09 May 2021 10:18:31 +0000

The portal will display the number of beds available at registered hospitals in Bengaluru, along with contact details and location.

The Association of Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes (PHANA) on May 9 launched a website (https: // portal) to provide status on COVID-19 beds in private hospitals in Bengaluru, which fall under the private quota. Dr Sudhakar K, Minister of Health of Karnataka, opened the site by clicking on the online portal and saying a few words about the importance of technology in health care.

Government quota beds at all healthcare facilities and government-run COVID care centers can be tracked in this portal

“Dr Sudhakar appreciated PHANA for this effort and stressed that all hospitals need to update data and in real time. He said that in the next few days, once the platform becomes stable, it is expected to be expanded statewide. He recognized that healthcare technology will bring transparency and build people’s trust. He also spoke about how telemedicine and tele-intensive care can improve the efficiency of healthcare, ”said a press note released by PHANA.

“As the central bed management system has information on the availability of beds under the government quota, our portal will display the status of beds in private hospitals under their (private) quota for the admission of COVID-19 patients. “, added PHANA.

The portal comes at a time when Bengaluru is reeling from the lack of oxygen beds, intensive care and ventilation facilities. At the time of writing, of the 1,699 beds available, only three were free.

“COVID-19 patients who wish to seek treatment in private hospitals can check the condition of the bed for admission as soon as possible,” the association said.

Dr Rajashekar, Secretary of PHANA, said it was a simple and easy to use portal. It will display the number of vacant beds available among registered private hospitals. Hospital phone numbers and a location map are also provided. Hospitals should update the data periodically as they are discharged. In the coming days, more and more hospitals will be registered and hospitals will be encouraged to display data in real time.

To meet the growing demand for beds due to the increase in COVID-19 cases during the second wave of the pandemic, the state government has ordered private hospitals and nursing homes to reserve 50% of their beds to treat COVID-19 patients referred by its health department or public hospitals.

This portal provides information on the number of COVID-19 patients in private hospitals under the private quota, the status / availability of beds and the contact number for admission, as the data is uploaded in real time. Private hospitals are required to upload data on available HDU general ventilation, intensive care and intensive care beds and this data must be displayed at their help desk for the benefit of patients.

(With IANS inputs)

Show us some love and support our journalism by becoming a member of TNM – Click here.

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Abu Dhabi ADNOC Invites Banks To Propose Bookrunner Roles For Drilling Unit IPO Sources Sun, 09 May 2021 08:01:00 +0000

General view of ADNOC headquarters in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on May 29, 2019. REUTERS / Christopher Pike

Abu Dhabi National Oil Co (ADNOC) has invited investment banks to offer bookrunner roles for its drilling unit’s initial public offering, two sources told Reuters on Sunday.

The oil giant has invited a handful of international and local banks to participate in the process of public sale of ADNOC Drilling shares, which is due to take place later this month, they said.

ADNOC plans to go public in the third quarter, they added. One of the sources previously said that ADNOC could raise at least $ 1 billion through the sale of shares. Read more

ADNOC, which supplies nearly 3% of global oil demand, declined to comment when contacted by Reuters on Sunday.

ADNOC Drilling owns and operates a large rig fleet, including 75 onshore rigs, 20 offshore lifting rigs and 11 well drilling rigs, according to its website.

Drilling activity is essential for ADNOC’s upstream operations, helping the oil company meet its production targets.

ADNOC CEO Sultan al-Jaber was the chief architect of the transformation strategy the company launched over four years ago, creating an investment team to monetize assets and leverage funds from international private equity groups.

He also plans to float Fertiglobe, a fertilizer joint venture with the Dutch-listed chemicals maker OCI (OCI.AS), later this year.

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Nets vs Nuggets – Game Recap – May 8, 2021 Sun, 09 May 2021 05:03:27 +0000

DENVER – – Brooklyn coach Steve Nash doesn’t mind his players feeling a little uncomfortable right now. Or even see them suffer a little.

That can only help later, said the Brooklyn coach. The Nets were also struggling to lose 21 points in Denver at one point before flipping a switch and coming back strong.

Kevin Durant scored 33 points, including five free throws in the final 21 seconds, and Kyrie Irving added 31 as the Nets broke a four-game skid by beating the Nuggets shorthanded 125-119 on Saturday night.

“I’m glad we’re uncomfortable right now. I am happy for us to struggle, to suffer, ”Nash said. These experiences when we are on the mat are good for us. Our guys responded tonight.

The Nets moved half a game to Milwaukee for the second seed in the Eastern Conference. Brooklyn remained three games behind leading East Philadelphia.

The difference between the first half (outscored 71-56) and the second (outperforming Denver 69-48) was pretty straightforward for Durant: “We’re on the same page in the second half and played our hardest part.

After trailing by no less than 21 points in the first half, the Nets took the lead in earnest at 111-110 on a 3-point by Joe Harris with 6:12 to go. It was their first lead for 35 seconds in the game.

But it was far from easy on the stretch. Nikola Jokic was fortunate enough to put the Nuggets ahead with 23.9 seconds remaining, only to see his turnaround missed. Durant made two free throws to take him to 122-119.

Durant suffered a foul shortly after Jokic missed a shot on the other end. The Nuggets big man was upset by the no-call and lost his temper, picking up a technique with 9.1 seconds left. Durant made three free throws to secure the victory.

Blake Griffin had 16 of his 20 points in a pivotal third quarter to help the Nets get back into the game.

Jokic brushed off his apparent irritation with officials, simply saying, “No comment. Next question.”

Instead, he praised the Nets.

“They are a talented team,” said Jokic, who finished with 29 points, seven tables and six assists.

Michael Porter Jr. added 28 points, including six 3-pointers, as the Nuggets lost their seven-game home streak. It was their last regular season game this season at Ball Arena, where the Nuggets finished 25-11.

Facundo Campazzo had 19 points and the little used Markus Howard had 13 points, the career best, as the Nuggets turned to unconventional rosters after playing the night before in Utah.

Aaron Gordon was a late scratch due to the strain in his right calf, joining a growing roster of saggy Nuggets. The injury report now includes Jamal Murray (ACL), Zeke Nnaji (left ankle sprain), Monte Morris (hamstrings), Will Barton (hamstrings) and PJ Dozier (right adductor strain). Paul Millsap also didn’t play just to give him a night off.

In the second quarter, Nuggets coach Michael Malone turned to the little-used training of Vlatko Cancar, Bol Bol, Howard, Shaquille Harrison and JaVale McGee.

“The silver lining, Markus Howard, Vlatko, Bol, they had the chance to play real game minutes,” said Malone.


Nets: G James Harden was out for a 17th straight game with right hamstring strain. … Durant had 11 boards. … The Nuggets had a 27-1 second chance points advantage.

Nuggets: Porter scored Denver’s first 11 points. … It was the biggest missed lead in a loss this season for Denver. The biggest precedent was 20 in Washington on February 17.


“Obviously, I think Jokic is the MVP this year,” Nash said. “He’s kind of gone from end to end at this high level, and making his teammates better, makes it all happen. They lose Jamal Murray and they haven’t really skipped a beat. It shows how good he is.


Malone sees similarities between Durant and Porter.

“Very similar body types, amazing height and length,” said Malone. “Obviously, all of Kevin Durant’s work is just amazing; he is one of the five best players in the world. “

Durant has a lot of respect for Porter.

“He is a unique player who will carve his own way in the league,” Durant said.


Nets: Complete a five-game trip Tuesday in Chicago.

Nuggets: In Charlotte on Tuesday as Denver concludes the season with four straight road games.


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