Companies that will disappear with the arrival of Apple Car

A few of us are trying to identify companies that desperately need to change and prepare for fully automated vehicles. This is based on the rationale that there will be no financial benefit to owning a personal vehicle once automation becomes available. Here is what I have found so far.

Washing (wax, soap, brushes, etc.)
Maintenance (tools, drain buckets, elevators, etc.)
Registration (DMV)
Insurance (USAA, AAA, farmers, etc.)
Lose your keys
Looking for a parking lot
Parking tickets (loss of city revenue)
Extended warranties
Petrol stations
Underground fuel tanks
Fuel transport (semi-trucks and factories)
Speeding convictions (loss of police and city income)
Vehicle accidents (loss of legal and hospital income)
All auto parts stores (tires, batteries, windshield wipers, oil, transmission fluid, coolant, seat covers, car covers, tools, spark plugs, custom rims, exhaust, etc.)
Car parks (loss of owners’ income)
And all the companies that support this above the companies

One benefit I can think of is that you can convert your 1, 2, or 3 car garage to something other than a car garage, increasing the living space and value of your home.

It will be interesting to see who will serve this huge fleet of vehicles. However, once Tesla shows us, it’s the significant drop in vehicle maintenance. It is possible that some of the independent service stores will do this if they can attract smaller rental businesses.

Harry L. Blanchard