Esports Insider launches four esports-focused content newsletters

Unveiled live to over 350 attendees at November’s ESI conference in London, Esports Insider revealed four new content identities and opened up signups for the accompanying newsletters.

Each newsletter will focus on specific areas of ESI’s global business and esports industry coverage.

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The new newsletters join the old one ISE distribution, the bi-weekly newsletter highlighting top news, as well as all the latest business news and updates from the esports industry worldwide.

The new identities are:

  • Angels & Unicorns – The latest news on investments, mergers and acquisitions in esports and related features.
  • Stakes – Key stories and analysis uniquely focused on the intersection of esports and gaming.
  • heat map – Comprehensive perspectives on hot topics in the esports industry, featuring voices from across the industry.
  • The dotted line – Coverage of the latest brand activations, commercial partnerships and sponsorships in the esports space.

Angels & Unicorns, In Play and The Dotted Line brands subtly debuted as branded panels at ESI London. Check out the main excerpts from the best quotes and lessons from the conference to learn more.

New content brands and newsletters represent a new chapter for the organization as Esports Insider looks to bolster its content offerings in 2022. Following the announcement of Calendar of major ESI events, the company is poised to further extend its lead as the go-to platform for esports activities. Not only as an invaluable resource of industry events, but also as a facilitator of business opportunities across the globe, both physically and digitally.

ESI Digital Winter 2021

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Co-Founder and Managing Director of Esports Insider, Sam Cooke commented“The four new newsletters have been a long-term realization of team-wide reflections and debates. As such, we are all excited to see them come to life! The topics, and indeed the names, are the product of much discussion, so we hope people like them and help serve, better educate and inform those in and around the industry.

The first batch of newsletters will be sent out during the December holidays, offering reflections on the year, forward-looking perspectives and insights from some of the biggest voices in the industry.

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