Eurogamer closes its forums and leads its readers to discord

A row of closed businesses.

Photo: Christophe Furlong (Getty Images)

A few days ago Eurogamer have closed their forums, ending more than 20 years of community discussion. The site explained the movement as sites and companies always do (only a few are still use them), and it made sense as always (it’s a lot of money for little gain), but that doesn’t mean the process itself isn’t something to suck.

The forums were closed on September 10, with Eurogamer decision explained as follows:

I’m sorry to say we’re going to disable forum access on September 10, 2021The forum has long been a part of Eurogamer and, at its peak, welcomed thousands of active contributors every day.

Unfortunately times are changing and the way people communicate has changed as well. Traditional forums are no longer a popular place for people to come together to talk and have been replaced in popularity by more modern community platforms like Discord, Twitter, and Twitch.

Because of this, our forum community has declined over the years to the point where only a handful of people are still actively using the forum. This makes it difficult for us to spend resources to run the forum. You will have noticed how little attention the forum has received in terms of updates and changes over the past few years, which is a direct result of their low usage.

Readers are then invited to visit the site’s Discord, as they would of course be. Now i don’t want to blame Eurogamer here, as I said above, in each individual case companies and sites have their reasons for doing so. TMost often cited is the fact that forums need to be maintained (true!) and that people’s conversational habits have changed, with a decrease in the use of forums (true too!).

But I don’t care, because a) I don’t work for these companies, and b) I’m more interested in the long-term damage this causes to the Internet. Forums and Discord are apples and oranges. Users are not moved from one similar thing to another, they are moved to platforms with fundamentally different ways of approaching discussions.

Discord is great for talking in the moment. It’s a place for real-time chats (or at least those of a few hours if they’re not that busy), a sleek way to manage multiple chat rooms and voice communications, and if that’s what you want. want, and millions of people around the world do, for loads of needs and wants, so awesome!

The forums are not the same however. They are not like that. Forums are more deliberate, more thoughtful, and while they’re far from perfect, I’m sure you can post a billion examples of people not being deliberate oror considered on forums, the point is that they are more permanent.

Forums create a record, an archive in which we can search, so that whenever we want to review issues, or find help with a problem, or see what has happened for a while , We can do it. There is a paper trail, and while it sometimes leads to embarrassing shots on TV shows and game reveals, other times it provides tremendous help with technical issues or parts of a game. game you are stuck on.

Discord simply cannot provide that. It’s a real-time flowing river, and although it has search functions, the way the whole app is structured means you will simply never get the same levels of detailed discussion or archived information that we can get from forums. If places want to open a Discord and run it as something other, so cool, but using it as replacement for the forums is a disaster.

While every business closing forums and moving people to Discord in 2021 could have their reasons, if this trend continues, we’re going to be looking around in 2026, without being able to find a ton of cool and / or interesting stuff. and discover to our horror that somehow the internet was even worse.

Harry L. Blanchard