Forum tackles severe shortage of nurses in country

China has 800,000 fewer nurses than it needs. Even in Shanghai, with 92,000 nurses, nursing professionals cannot meet clinical demand, experts said at the first Asian Nursing Forum in Shanghai ahead of International Nurses Day on Wednesday.

Improving the training and cultivation of talent and further classifying nursing into smaller, more focused majors are measures that could boost the development of the modern nursing industry, experts said.

“The major in nursing in China still lags behind developed countries, and nursing has played a larger role in the outcome of treatment,” said Zhang Yuxia, director of the nursing department of the Zhongshan hospital. “About 30 percent of treatment results come from doctors, while 70 percent are from nurses.”

“During the coronavirus pandemic, nurses took on a greater role in patient care and recovery. They are an important force working on the front line, ”she said. “Nurses will play a more important role in digital and intellectual medicine, because a lot of equipment and services are provided by nurses.”

Experts at the forum discussed topics such as epidemic prevention and control, intellectual nursing, nursing education, patent industrialization and evidence-based nursing.

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