Gearbox Software jumps to Discord, killing its forums

Borderlands Developer Gearbox Software closes its forums and migrates to Discord. With this, the studio’s old web communities format is being phased out in favor of real-time engagement provided by Discord communities, similar to other developers such as Bethesda and Activision.

On August 1, 2022, the official developer forums – which are currently in read-only mode – will be closed when a website update is rolled out. Forum users currently have 30 days to save any content they wish to retain.

“Over the past year, we have noticed that many members of our community prefer to engage on our other social platforms,” Gearbox wrote. “Looking at where conversations are happening and where comments are being made, we want to continue that dialogue on our social media where a lot of the community gets their information.”

For those who need Gearbox customer support, it will still be available on the regular support website. Each of Gearbox’s individual games — Borderlands, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, Homeworld, and Godfall – have their own separate Discords for players to join.

Everything happens Discord, not so much social networks

News of Gearbox’s move to Discord comes just a day after Microsoft revealed that the online gaming platform’s voice chat will soon be available on Xbox consoles. The feature will allow Xbox users to switch between Discord Voice and Xbox Voice Chat, and allow them to continue voice calls on Xbox.

Last year, Sony announced it had made a minor investment in Discord and said it planned to integrate Discord into PlayStation Network and mobile. As of this writing, Discord support has not rolled out to PlayStation consoles.

Over time forums have become less popular and more and more game developers have become more reliant on social media platforms such as Discord and Twitter to interact with players and manage communities. These direct lines of communication can also be abused by players, and in recent weeks the developers have begun speaking out about the unacceptable levels of harassment they experience via social media.

God of the war Developer Sony Santa Monica released a statement in July condemning fans for their toxic behavior, which included sending developers sexually explicit images. “Our fans inspire us,” Santa Monica wrote at the time, “and we understand the passion and the desire for more information. But that passion should not be toxic or come at the expense of human dignity. ”

Earlier this week, Fate Developer Bungie has sued player Luka “inkcell” Leone for cheating in the game and harassing its employees. The studio said Leone threatened one of its community managers and joked about the fire at its Seattle-based headquarters.

Harry L. Blanchard