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Tech Stock Roundup provides key insights into the hottest tech stocks from our experts; Electric vehicle checkpoint connects its readers to the stocks that dominate the EV space with opportunities for portfolio growth in the age of electrification; and To remove will provide tips for investing in cryptocurrency, meme stocks, Robinhood, and more.

Tech Stock Roundup

Are you in the tech stock bubble? Wondering how the latest technology trends, product releases from Apple (AAPL) – Get the Apple Inc.metaverse innovations by (MVRS) – Get meta reportand partnerships, such as those recently entered into by Amazon (AMZN) – Get the report from Amazon.com, Inc.affect the technology stocks in which you invest?

Every Tuesday, we’ll send you tech stock ideas, give you exclusive advice from top investment experts, and tell you about the big, must-have tech trends.

This newsletter contains everything from updates on the latest companies entering the metaverse to information on the latest product announcements and their impact on market share.

Tech stocks are the lifeblood of the stock market, so let us deliver all the weekly news related to these companies to your inbox.

Electric vehicle checkpoint

Wondering what Tesla (TSLA) – Get the Tesla Inc report Elon Musk recently tweeted? Do you already have EV stocks in your portfolio?

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Every Thursday, we’ll send you EV stock ideas, keep you up to date with advice from top investment experts, and tell you about the most important EV launches.

This newsletter features everything from updates on how the semiconductor shortage is affecting the electric vehicle market to news related to the electrification wars between major automakers like Ford. (F) – Get Ford Motor Company report and General Motors (GM) – Get General Motors company report.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, electric vehicle sales jumped 72% year-over-year to a record 147,799 units. And the market share of electric vehicles last quarter was 4.5%, also a record for the segment. The popularity of electric vehicles is growing and almost half a million people have purchased an electric vehicle in 2021. “There is no doubt that we are in the decade of electrified vehicles, and our experts at Cox Automotive predict further growth. electrified vehicles in the years to come,” said Matt Degen, editor of Kelley Blue Book.

So if you haven’t bought an electric vehicle yet, now is the time – and this email newsletter can help guide you.

To remove

Are you new to investing? Do you dip your feet into the crypto or NFT pool but don’t know where to start? You just joined Robinhood (HOOD) – Get the Class A report from Robinhood Markets, Inc. or Coinbase (PIECE OF MONEY) but you have no idea what you are doing?

Every Friday, we’ll help guide you on your journey as you enter the new frontier of investing with crypto, meme stocks, and market-leading social media influence.

In this newsletter, we’ll send you stock ideas, provide advice from top investing experts, tell you about trends you need to know, and give you insight on how to get started if you’re new to personal investing. . And, we’ll be adding more fun, interesting, and weird news that might blow your mind each week.

This newsletter has everything from the best way to plan your ideal portfolio strategy to the most watched TikToks.

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