Hey now allows users to create blogs and newsletters directly from their emails

Alternative email provider Hey is expanding its offering with a new blog and email newsletter service called Hey World, which is offered as a free add-on to all personal Hey subscribers, the company announced today.

Using Hey World is incredibly easy – Hey users just need to email [email protected] The subject of that email then becomes the title of the post, while the body of the post is the blog post itself.

Once you’ve sent the first email, Hey will automatically create a blog for you at “world.hey.com/yourusername” that collects all of your posts and offers both an RSS feed. and an email subscription box for subscribers. with your last missives.

In a Hey World blog post announcing the feature, Hey co-founder Jason Fried explains that the feature grew out of a desire for a place to share thoughts online in a context longer than a short post. Twitter or tweetstorm, without the public square litigation of a place like Twitter. Fried also notes that Hey World blogging is an experiment at the moment, and the company will “play around for a while” with the new feature. Plus, like “a nod to simpler times”, Hey World pages feature “no javascript, no tracking, no junk mail”.

Hey World is unlikely to replace more premium newsletter services like Substack, which provide writers with more robust monetization tools and tools; but for more casual writers looking for a place to share their thoughts, this might be a good option. Plus, the simplicity of writing articles using the same UI and editor as Hey’s regular emails means there’s an incredibly low barrier to entry (assuming you’re a Hey subscriber, at least).

Hey World Blogs are now available to pay Hey subscribers with personal accounts; users on business accounts or with free trials are not eligible for the new feature.

Harry L. Blanchard