How Companies Can Use LinkedIn Company Newsletters

LinkedIn has added what I think is the most useful tool in a long time for companies to engage and deliver value to their followers – the ability for LinkedIn Company Pages to publish email newsletters directly through LinkedIn.

This highlights the importance of having a company page and how it can be used as a content hub for marketing and recruiting your business.

Linked Company Page newsletters are available to companies with more than 150 subscribers who actively maintain a presence on LinkedIn.

You can create a newsletter for your LinkedIn Company Page in three easy steps:

  1. Create: start writing an article on and select “Create newsletter”. Give it a title, add a header image (it asks for dimensions), and cut and paste your text. You can also add hyperlinks and images for each article.

  2. Publish: When you publish your newsletter, it will be published to your feed and LinkedIn will notify your subscribers. They can choose to receive email and platform notifications when you post new content.

  3. Review performance: View analytics for each newsletter sent and see the number of subscribers. The number is growing pretty quickly, which is great. And it’s opt-in so you don’t have to worry about GDPR rules.

There’s a lot of opportunity here because it’s a new feature (for businesses – it’s been available for individuals for a short time) and most businesses don’t know about it yet (and certainly don’t use it. yet), so being an early adopter is to your advantage.

Even if you send an email newsletter, you should still use the LinkedIn platform to send a newsletter because you will reach a different audience and expand your network for your content.

Moreover, people are subscribe to this newsletter, so it’s not about building an audience from scratch, and if you’ve never sent an email newsletter, this is a great way to start. If email marketing programs and CRM management tools overwhelm you, this is a great way to test the waters.

It’s also very easy to reuse content you already have. I would include hyperlinks to your website or blog along with the full text (to keep the newsletter short and drive traffic to your site).

You can embed links from YouTube in the newsletter to play. Check out my LinkedIn newsletter to see what it looks like.

Here are some content ideas you can include in your LinkedIn Company Page newsletter:

  • Article excerpts with links to your latest blog posts or customer alerts

  • Links to past webinars (also provide summary)

  • Links to recent podcasts and videos (with presentation notes)

  • Recent case studies

  • Q&A with your employees

  • Highlights of your community service / pro bono work

  • Announcements of your latest hires

  • Recent media coverage (this would be the only place I would recommend including self-promotional articles in the newsletter – the rest should be customer-focused)

  • Upcoming events/webinars – this is a great way to promote them

  • Open jobs – why not promote them via this newsletter? It’s a competitive job market

  • News about your diversity programs and women’s initiatives – customers care a lot

Check out this new feature and let me know what you think. With nearly 800 million people on LinkedIn and the fact your competitors probably aren’t using it yet, it’s at least worth a try.

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