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Nabors had to close its storefront at the start of the pandemic when sales fell from around $ 15,000 a month to just $ 500 in March.

“I thought, ‘We can’t do rent like that. So we brought everything home, ”says Nabors.

Customers continued to reach out, asking Nabors to add products to their website and encouraging them to do more outreach on social media. His online sales have increased from around 10 per month to 50 to 100 per day. It reopened its storefront in May and is now looking to expand.

“We were able to really prosper and grow during the pandemic,” she says.

Local stores rent on site

Businesses need to be staffed as they reopen and gradually reduce their operations to pre-pandemic levels. That hiring will be done locally, says Tom Sullivan, vice president of small business policy at the US Chamber of Commerce.

“Small businesses have a unique advantage when it comes to hiring: a community network different from Indeed or LinkedIn,” says Sullivan. “We’re going to see more emphasis on local hiring than we’ve ever seen before.”

Nabors is already looking to hire. His business has grown from three employees before the pandemic (two of whom have since moved) to one employee and a handful of family members in the early months of the pandemic. Today, she has five employees, is shopping for a warehouse and plans to hire 22 new employees.

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