I just returned my M1 iPad Pro 12.9″

I was so excited to have an iPad. I’ve been looking at various Mac blogs and news sites over the past two months in anticipation of the first event to see which one I should get. First I thought I’d get the base iPad, but with the price going up I might as well go for the air, but wait, that’s so close to the price of the pro…
The first Apple event arrived and I was convinced for a few days that I would get the Air, but after finding great deals on Amazon I settled on a 12.9″ iPad Pro with 256GB of storage. I was excited when it arrived! what a great high end piece of hardware. I started loading my apps on it and setting up work items but as the first day went on I felt things weren’t right just not. Some of the important apps I use daily weren’t great compared to the desktop version and I just felt a general inability to get things done. After two days it was clear , it’s not for me. I didn’t pick up the iPad because the experience just isn’t great. Maybe that’s just me. I’ve been a mac user since the era of colorful iBooks and I just lack the power of a real mac The benefits of the things an iPad can do simply do not outweigh the cons. I am so disappointed how the material is so beautiful! That screen is gorgeous, it’s ridiculous, and faceID won me over in no time. Accessing the desktop is light fight fast. Guess I’ll wait a few more years before trying again and hope Apple doesn’t cripple the iPad and release it already. Being able to run MacOS on iPad Pro hardware would be amazing and a blow to all of its competitors. We can only dream….
In the meantime, I have a new appreciation for my Macbook Pro and I’m very happy with everything I can do with it.

Maybe, just maybe a regular iPad with just 64GB for the kids. Not sure yet….

Harry L. Blanchard