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IDShield was born out of a 50-year-old legal business and prides itself on its identity monitoring and restoration services, making it a solid choice for identity theft protection. With IDShield, you can be sure your personal data is checked for violations in a range of places, with instant alerts to let you know there may be a problem. While the service does not include device protection, its unlimited view guarantee means you’ll get full support at a reasonable price.

Plans and prices

IDShield pricing plans

IDShield offers four pricing packages, with two tiers for individuals and families (Image credit: IDShield)

IDShield divides its plans into two categories: Individual, if you just want protection for yourself; and Family, if you also want to cover your spouse / domestic partner and children.

In these two categories, you can choose one or three office monitoring. This refers to the three major credit bureaus operating in the United States – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. If you choose to monitor just one office, you will be able to stay on top of any changes in your credit rating as they will eventually be reflected in your score.

But if you choose to monitor all three, you may be able to spot issues faster. This is because each creditor reports to a particular office and the information is then transferred between the three. This can cause a delay in detection if you are only checking one source.

Whatever package you purchase, IDShield investigators will repair your credit score and online reputation at all three bureaus. And whether you choose one or three office monitoring, your information will be monitored in the same places, such as the public archives and the dark web. This means that IDShield is a solid choice if you are on a budget and want to stick with the cheapest option. If you want to try IDShield, there is a 30-day free trial.


IDShield webpage on monitoring public records

IDShield will monitor your personal information in various locations (Image credit: IDShield)

IDShield monitors one or three of the major credit bureaus, depending on the package you purchase. It will send you an instant alert if your credit report changes. This can be a useful warning that your identity may have been compromised: for example, if your details were used to apply for credit.

In addition to monitoring your credit report, IDShield will keep an eye on your bank account, Social Security Number (SSN), and the dark web, where identity thieves may sell or use your personal data. IDShield will also monitor your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in public and court records, payday loan applications, address changes, and telecommunications, among other possibilities. If you have purchased the Family plan, your children’s SSNs will also be verified.

IDShield works with licensed private investigators who do the hard work of restoring your identity if it is stolen and used. This is a valuable service as it can prevent your credit and other documents from being permanently damaged by the actions of the identity thief.

Interface and in use

The IDShield webpage covering credit and identity monitoring features

IDShield dashboard lets you check your monitoring at a glance (Image credit: IDShield)

Setting up your account requires some personal information such as your address, phone number, and SSN. You will also need to establish your security questions before accessing your dashboard. This will take only few minutes. You will need to enter additional information to configure some of the more specific monitoring services, such as credit monitoring.

The web-based dashboard allows you to see monitoring results at a glance. You can click on each category for more information. You can also easily view your dashboard through the mobile app (available for iOS and Android), with a clean interface that focuses on credit score and reported alerts.


IDShield Customer Support Page

IDShield offers phone and chat support (Image credit: IDShield)

If you need assistance from the IDShield team, you can reach them via live chat, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST. There is also a phone line for members, with an emergency option if you need help outside of hours of operation. Members can access a full FAQ service through the web portal.

The competition

IdentityForce provides the same monitoring as IDShield, as well as a similar identity restoration service. It also includes PC protection tools to keep you covered while surfing which IDShield lacks. Its individual pricing options are slightly more expensive than IDShield’s ($ 17.99 and $ 23.99 per month), but with a price reduction in effect from March 2021 ($ 9.99 and $ 17.99). $), IdentityForce offers a bit more for your money. Read our full IdentityForce Review to learn more.

Watchdog’s ID monitoring services are similar to IDShield and IdentifyForce. However, if you have kids, ID Watchdog’s Equifax Child Credit Lock will be especially useful, and many of its other features are geared towards families as well. As for the price, it’s slightly more expensive than IDShield for the individual plans ($ 14.95 per month for Plus and $ 19.95 per month for Premium), but the same price for the family option (25, $ 95 and $ 34.95), although you can only add four children in comparison to IDShield’s ten limit.

Final verdict

IDShield offers a fairly comprehensive monitoring service over a range of locations, so you can receive instant alerts if your identity has been compromised. Its unlimited consultation with restoration specialists is another asset.

The great thing is that its two pricing options differ only in the number of credit bureaus verified. IDShield will monitor your identity at a full range of locations, whether you purchase the package at one or three offices.

Although IDShield does not offer PC and mobile protection, but rather focuses on external threats, for a reasonable price you will have peace of mind. Not only will you be notified if your identity is compromised, but you can use the restoration service to repair any damage caused.

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