Introducing two new SF Examiner newsletters

When my parents lived in the city decades ago, they always looked forward to having the San Francisco Examiner every weekday afternoon. A lot can happen between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., after all, and the Ex has often been the first newspaper to run the biggest stories of the day.

Still, SF’s range of news offerings evolved over time, and the afternoon paper was eventually phased out. While we still print a beautiful product three days a week, we are acutely aware that today a large proportion of readers prefer to find their news online. More precisely: directly in their mailbox.

If Substack’s stratospheric rise in popularity is any indication, newsletters are an essential part of the modern media landscape. However, most organizations have caught on and it has become a crowded market. Every morning, I open my email and scroll through headlines on California politics, climate change, urban design, the future of news, and a hodgepodge of national and hyperlocal stories.

But it’s calmer at the end of the day, when only a handful of outlets show up in my inbox. And here at The Examiner, we’re proud to celebrate our roots while embracing the future. That’s why our new product fills a gap in the market while encapsulating the intersection of old and new: an afternoon newspaper once again, but this time perfectly presented as an e- mail.

Starting today, we’re launching two free newsletters that we hope will become your go-to resource in San Francisco. On weekdays, at 4 p.m., we’ll send out our afternoon edition, featuring the biggest stories of the day, often reported before the morning rush the next day. You can end your workday as a more informed citizen of your city, perhaps even on your commute.

Complementing our Sunday print newspaper, we’re also unveiling a weekend newsletter filled with the biggest stories of the week. Like many of our articles, the Sunday newsletter will dig a little deeper into the most basic issues affecting San Franciscans. Our hope is that you can dive into our storytelling with the same leisure as leafing through a physical newspaper, especially if you were too busy to pay close attention to the news as it unfolded over the previous week.

Because a newsletter is a great way to connect directly with the community, we also include several fun features that go beyond the headlines. We’ll feature photos that capture the essence of San Francisco, pulling quips and pithy quotes from the Twitter world, and ultimately engaging two-way conversations with our readers. This is an ever-evolving product, and we look forward to hearing your feedback so that we can continue to grow and improve.

We look forward to breathing new life into the deep tradition of San Francisco’s daily afternoon news. Sign up and forge a deeper connection with our dynamic, complicated, weird and world-class city.

Harry L. Blanchard