LinkedIn Pages can now publish newsletters

Newsletters were once the domain of email marketing, but LinkedIn is taking steps to modernize them in the age of social media.

The LinkedIn Newsletters rollout is an extension of the Articles for Pages featured last year, which allows companies to create and publish long-form content.

The goal of Articles for Pages is to provide better engagement with followers and invite conversations. The newsletter extends this idea by offering subscriptions to recurring articles on a similar topic.

Companies on LinkedIn can serialize articles on specific topics, and companies can subscribe to these articles as newsletters.

The whole process of getting started with newsletters is simple and not only increases engagement with subscribers but also expands audience outside of the main platform.

How LinkedIn Newsletters Work

You can create a LinkedIn newsletter in three easy steps:

  1. To create: Start writing an article on and select “Create a newsletter”
  2. Publish: When you publish your newsletter, it will be published in your feed and LinkedIn will notify your subscribers
  3. Review performance: View the analyzes of each newsletter sent and quickly assess the number of subscribers
Screenshot from:, March 2022.

When someone reads articles published by your LinkedIn Page and wants to be kept up to date with similar content, they can subscribe to it as a newsletter.

When you create new articles in this serialized topic, subscribers receive a one-time automatic notification. From there, they can choose to receive email and in-platform notifications when you post new content.

LinkedIn has already seen success with early adopters of newsletters such as news publisher, Insider, and video meeting company, Zoom.

Zoom saw 10% of its subscribers subscribe to its LinkedIn newsletters within the first 24 hours. Insider was part of a pilot program for the new feature and within 24 hours gained 820,000 subscribers.

communication power

LinkedIn has long allowed individuals and businesses to create and post a variety of content on their Pages, from status updates and short form content to detailed article content for Pages.

Serialized content is a proven way to maintain customer interaction in standard blogs and newsletters.

According to, 4 out of 5 marketers would rather give up social media than email marketing. LinkedIn newsletters offer the best of both worlds.

Similar to email marketing, LinkedIn members build a subscriber base. It is targeted to specific types of customers based on the serialized topic.

Unique to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for businesses. The ability to engage and grow subscribers and subscribers to Member Pages through newsletters and articles for Pages is a boon for businesses and professionals looking to expand their reach.

Articles and newsletters are only open to qualified Pages and Creators. This includes a core audience of over 150 subscribers, experience creating original content, and adhering to professional community policies.

It’s too early to tell if the program will be popular with existing members, but the early success of newsletters looks promising and adds another tool for LinkedIn members to engage with subscribers.

Source: LinkedIn

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Harry L. Blanchard