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The Blue Bicycle commissions its own work of art Neston

Publication: May 9, 2021 6:58 PM

Artist Neston Joe Tunstall captures the history and future of The Blue Bicycle in a beautiful new watercolor painting.

Painting of the Blue Bicycle Cafe commissioned by the family owners and painted by Joe Tunstall.

Some readers may recall a story we posted in March about local artist Joe Tunstall and his generosity in auctioning off works of art for sale, benefiting the Hospice du Bon Pasteur. .

Charmed by Joe’s artistry, capturing The Harp Inn pub in a beautiful watercolor, The Blue Bicycle inquired about commissioning a painting of his own beautiful premises.

We put them in touch and now eight weeks later the McDonagh Blue Bicycle family proudly hung their beautiful painting in a prime spot for all to admire.

Last March Joe admitted, “” The harp painting is the first watercolor I have done in about 5 years! “He painted the pub as a personal gift for a grieving friend who spent many happy hours outside the pub.

There was an overwhelmingly positive response to Joe’s talent and skill and The Blue Bicycle weren’t the only ones showing interest in painting the locals.

By Joe TunstallThe Harp Inn painted in watercolors by Joe Tunstall.

We think the new paint captures the historic brick building perfectly, with The Blue Bicycle’s charm enticing us to savor some delicious bites.

For now, coffee lovers can enjoy the fantastic new courtyard outside the cafe and it won’t be long before we are back seated in the comfort of the inside.

The blue bike

The blue bike

The blue bike

See our original article Art auctioned by artist Neston for the benefit of the Hospice du Bon Pasteur here.

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