Music Industry Newsletters You Should Subscribe To

Keep reading to see what music industry newsletters – including Hypebot! – are the best in the business.

A guest post by Randi Zimmerman from SymphonicBlog.

Newsletters are one of the easiest ways to stay up to date. Want to stay ahead of the game? Learn from the experts straight from your inbox with some of the better email newsletters in industry.

Water & Music

Cherie Hu is a music industry and tech journalist with bylines in Billboard, Forbes, Rolling Stone, and more. Water & Music breaks down the biggest ideas in the music industry and serves as a staple in my inbox each week.

Your morning coffee

Industry veteran Jay Gilbert writes one of my favorite newsletters, Your Morning Coffee. This highly curated newsletter offers a weekly overview of the New Music Business. Plus Jay and Mike Etchart, former hosts of syndicated Sound & Vision Radio, host a fantastic weekly podcast. In it, they break down the top stories, breaking news, and industry trends.



Founder and Editor-in-Chief Bruce Houghton created the Hypebot newsletter to capture daily news and commentary on the music industry. Industry pros and DIY musicians looking for a one-stop-shop for news should definitely subscribe to this one.

Symphonic Weekly

At Symphonic, we have our own weekly newsletter to help independent artists and music lovers navigate the industry!

By subscribing to our newsletter, Symphonic Weekly, you’ll receive updates on important music industry trends as well as tips to guide you in distributing, monetizing and promoting your music with articles from yours truly, as well as contributors everywhere. Industry.

Newsletter Sym Latino

If you’ve subscribed to our weekly Symphonic newsletter, you already know it’s jam-packed with weekly industry updates, news, how-tos, company highlights and more. Our Symphonic Latino newsletter ensures that our Spanish-speaking customers and supporters never miss a beat either. // Click here to subscribe.

Beats and bytes

From the makers of Nue Agency, a creative music agency based in New York, Beats & Bytes is an innovative newsletter that sits at the center of all things music, brands and technology for the industry. This one rounds up the top news and biggest trends in the industry and is a staple in my inbox.

Daily Summary of Motive Unknown

Motive Unknown is a digital marketing consultancy founded by Darren Hemmings. Hemmings started the Daily Digest to summarize everyday news in music, technology and apps. // Register here.

The music business around the world

One of the industry’s favorite newsletters comes from the mind of Tim Ingham. This one brings you detailed news as well as industry insights and analysis for the international music scene. From interviews to the latest game acquisitions, Music Biz Worldwide is the resource for gaining a global view of the industry.

Platform and flow

Platform & Stream, created by Jeff Hyatt, covers breaking news on streaming platforms. Whether you’re interested in the latest innovations in streaming technology or insight into the impact of streaming on the music industry, you’ll get tons of industry updates daily. . There are well over a hundred issues of this newsletter to date, so if you wanted to catch up, this is the place for it.

Behind the house

Back Of House is a weekly newsletter created to help you keep up to date with global live music industry news, learn about industry best practices, and discover new ideas to fuel your brain. Whether you’re looking for updates on live events or looking for job postings, Back Of House likely has what you’re looking for and more.

Letter from Lefsetz

Bob Lefsetz is an OG in the music world thanks to this influential newsletter. Bob started Lefsetz Letter long before email existed. (Yeah, that means he did indeed print each letter and send them BY MAIL in 1986.) To this day, artists and industry experts respect what he has to say and eagerly await his emails. (Me included!)


Trapital offers a free weekly newsletter that keeps its readers up to date with the latest trends from some of the biggest players in gaming. They’ve been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fortune, and more. For those looking to stay ahead of the ever-changing trends in the hip-hop industry, this newsletter is for you.

In conclusion…

Working in this industry means keeping up with its fast-paced trends, innovative technological advancements, and everything in between. Signing up for these newsletters is an easy way to stay informed and ahead of the game. – Enjoy!

Harry L. Blanchard