NanoByte will be the first token used for the instant Fiat loan

DKI Jakarta, Indonesia, April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — This is not investment advice. Please do your own research when investing in a project.

Three of the world’s most populous countries (China, India, and the United States) are getting stricter on cryptocurrency, while crypto proponents have touted Indonesia as the future emerging market. When it comes to cryptocurrency, Indonesia is way ahead of many countries. With over 270 million people and one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the future of this trade route is bright. Its government is also open to crypto, with the president (Joko Widodo) actively encouraging Indonesians to learn about new technologies, including crypto.

Despite huge opportunities in Indonesia, there are only around 7 million crypto investors in the country, less than 3% of the total population. NanoByte Token (NBT) was launched last month with the aim of becoming a pioneer in crypto adoption in the world’s fourth most populous country.

NanoByte is affiliated with Nanovest, an investment app for trading US stocks and cryptocurrencies based in Indonesia and has already gained the support of more than 2 million people in Indonesia during its beta launch. Today they finally announced the latest innovation: the first-ever instant fiat loan with NanoByte through a partnership with Danamas, a Sinarmas financial services company.

Sinarmas Financial Service is one of the leading financial service providers in Indonesia that offers an integrated and comprehensive range of financial services including banking, insurance, financing, capital markets, asset management, stock administration, security and information technology. Sinarmas Financial Service is also part of the Sinarmas conglomerate group that has been present in Indonesia since the 1930s. NanoByte’s partnership with Danamas is the first move to gain acceptance of crypto assets into the full suite of traditional financial ecosystem in Indonesia. As a crypto project, Nanobyte Token (NBT) is now available through the centralized exchange Tokocrypto, Binance’s wallet in Indonesia. In the global market, it is accessible through Pancakeswap dan Uniswap.

Nanovest CEO Hutama Pastikasaid that the partnership between Nanobyte and Danamas to provide NBT as an instant loan application service will be effective from April 19, 2022. and be a proof for crypto enthusiasts along with all Indonesians of the kind of amazing things that a digital asset can provide. Hopefully, all these efforts can build people’s confidence that this new investment instrument is not so difficult and perfectly safe for everyone.

The asset-based NBT instant loan offered by Nanobyte and Danamas is such an innovative project and claimed as the first in the world. All Indonesians who wish to apply for a loan can do so as long as they have NBT and are available to join this program. “Danamas and Sinarmas Financial Service discover that today’s young generation has started to know more about investing and invest a lot through digital currency. Through this partnership, NanoByte token holders can get instant loans with up to 80% lower interest than they normally get in the market,” Danamas CEO, Joyce Andries mentioned.

To this day, crypto-based projects are often seen as risky, scary, and unstable investments. Through this innovation, Danamas and Sinarmas Financial Service intend to boost the adoption of crypto assets by introducing a new channel that is more reliable and accessible to the novice. Hopefully, this can lead to bigger and faster growth of the crypto industry in Indonesia and around the world. The foundations are formed and growth has begun. It can only get bigger and brighter from here.

About NanoByte Token (NBT)

NanoByte Token aims to link cryptocurrency to the traditional/conventional monetary system; creating utility for cryptocurrency in products such as e-money, credit cards, insurance, and other investments. NBT’s home market is Indonesia, the 4th largest country in the world with 270 million lives. After its initial launch in Indonesia, NanoByte is exploring opportunities in other countries. NBT is uniquely positioned to make crypto legit and mainstream due to the support it receives from both traditional financial institutions and new-age crypto institutions. Some of the big names partnering with NBT include Sinar Mas Financial Services (one of the largest financial institutions and a diversified group in Southeast Asia), Tokocrypto (the largest crypto exchange in Indonesia) and Agate International (the largest game developer in Indonesia).

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About Danamas and Sinarmas Financial Service

Danamas is a company founded in 2000 under the name of PT. Komunindo Arga Digital, the company later changed its name to PT Pasar Dana Loan, which was established under the auspices of Sinarmas Financial Service, one of the leading financial service providers in Indonesia. Danamas is also a member of the Indonesian Fintech Association (AFPI). The company is committed to helping businessmen, especially MSME fighters, to develop their businesses, and employees/workers to obtain loans by tender and easily.

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This is not investment advice. Please do your own research when investing in a project.

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