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All reserved | Emily Cosentino-Lee and Caitlin Fitch

Cosentino-Lee: All Booked was born out of many water cooler conversations with my colleague and co-author Caitlin Fitch. Even though we share a deep love for reading and all things book-related, we share very different reading tastes. Luckily for our subscribers, this means lots of different types of recommendations are coming their way, ranging from contemporary romance to chilling thrillers and cookbooks to design books. We’ve enjoyed this All Booked trip so far, and look forward to continuing the bi-monthly newsletters through 2022.

Fall in love with an author

Taylor Jenkins Reid has become a coiner of “self-purchasing” words.

What’s cooking, handsome?

Delve into cookbook collections for the holidays.

Full Belly Files | Matt Kettman

Full Belly Files started out as a weekly repository for many food, drink, and travel experiences I enjoy each week that don’t make it a more “proper” feature article or wine review. But, compelled to come up with something at least moderately compelling every week, it quickly evolved into a place where I could reminisce about my life’s meals and memories. Here are a few of my favorites in this vein:

Full Belly Files: What does ‘My favorite restaurant’ actually mean?

Starting August 30, when I discuss my favorite restaurant in the world, El Toro Bravo in Capitola, and then explore what it actually means.

Full Belly Files: Fear of seafood, then big fan

From October 15, in which I talk about how I didn’t eat a lot of fish as a kid, why that changed, and how much I love seafood now.

Full Belly Files: Pork Noodle Soup with Esther

Since last week, December 17, I’ve been writing about eating pork noodle soup at Jimmy’s Oriental Gardens and how it reminds me of a meal with the recently deceased Esther Lau Gilbert.

The home page | Sarah Sinclair

The homepage enjoyed savoring each season throughout the past year. Here are three of our favorite holiday-themed newsletters of 2021, from July 4 to Fiesta to Halloween. Hmmmm, is it a coincidence that two of these photos feature Sarah’s sidekick, Scout? Not likely!

The homepage: best views of fireworks, tips for living in miniature, and more.

Red, white and blue views.

The homepage: Viva La Fiesta from our home(s) to yours!

A lively local tradition in Santa Barbara.

Homepage: Happy Haunted Homes and more

Santa Barbara rings in a spooky season.

The newsletter | Tyler Hayden

The News Letter has evolved rapidly this year from a weekly roundup of articles to an opinion column by editor Tyler Hayden, who channels his inner crank to provide insight and shading on the day’s most pressing issues. . Here are three who started fires and spilled more than a few wigs:

Many cower in the face of Dormzilla

Before news of Munger Hall went viral, we raised concerns about the impact the small, windowless rooms might have on residents of UCSB’s proposed mega-dorm.

Bellosguardo’s big mess continues

This column said some things that should have been said a long time ago about the rot at the Bellosguardo Foundation.

Where there’s smoke, there’s Barrett

We know politicians like to play fast and loose with the truth, but we called out council candidate Barrett Reed for taking the gymnastics of honesty to another level.

panoramic | Charles Donelan

One of the greatest pleasures of writing about the arts is doing your homework. Every mission requires some sort of research, and many of them lead to interesting paths that don’t necessarily end up showing up in published reviews and previews.

Writing the PANO newsletter gave me the opportunity to explore some of these investigations in greater depth, and outside of the event-driven imperatives of the review/overview format. The following PANO picks represent some of the most memorable paths I’ve traveled as I kept pace with Santa Barbara’s burgeoning art and performance scene.

Listening history

Ten of my favorite recordings released in 2021.

From ‘Kismet’ to ‘Cabaret’: The Hidden Story of Indian Dance’s Influence on Broadway

The spectacular production of Sara Miller McCune Kismet sent me to the archives for more information on the great Hollywood and Broadway choreographer, Jack Cole.

Chloé Zhao for Victory in Ojai

A visit to the Ojai Film Festival introduced me to The Cavalier, the great indie film Chloe Zhao made before her Oscar winner nomadland.

‘The Beatles: Get Back’ Documentary and Sansei Art in Monterey

Like many people, I was captivated by Peter Jackson’s brilliant Beatles documentary. I also visited Monterey, where the Monterey Museum of Art held an exceptional exhibition of works by Japanese-American artists.

Harry L. Blanchard