NY Times rolls out subscriber-only newsletters

The New York Times said Thursday that it plans to roll out several new subscription-only newsletters and make a handful of existing newsletters available only to paid subscribers this fall.

The Times, which currently produces around 50 newsletters, will create seven new offers for subscribers and feature 11 more exclusive content.

Current newsletters expected to get behind the paywall include On Politics, Well, On Tech With Shira Ovid, and Parenting, among other author-specific newsletters from Times Opinion editors.

“We need to make sure that we add much more distinctive value to what it means to feel subscribed,” Alex Hardiman, chief product officer of The Times, told the newspaper. “So a big part of the job now is to make sure that every time you experience The Times as a subscriber, you know it and you feel it.”

Other top newsletters currently produced by the company, including The Morning and DealBook, will remain free to all readers, the Times said.

The new offerings will include subscriber-based content written by the newspaper’s top reporters like Peter Coy, a former Bloomberg Businessweek reporter, and Kara Swisher, a tech writer who also hosts a popular podcast for the newspaper’s Opinion section.

Changes are expected to begin in September.

The Times, like many national news brands, has devoted significant resources to its newsletters this year as the audience for subscription journalism created by major brands has grown. Substack has become a leading platform for journalists to create online followings for their stories, and several social media companies have in recent months announced plans to offer newsletter subscriptions to users.

Harry L. Blanchard