OUR VIEWPOINT: A Sad Commentary | Newsletters

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what’s going on in this great state in the name of political partisanship.

The news that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s campaign has sent thousands of letters to Republican supporters urging them to send their completed mail-in ballot applications to the wrong place is mind-boggling. Patrick, arguably the most powerful elected leader in Texas, managed to disenfranchise who knows how many Republican voters by telling them to send their absentee ballot applications to the Secretary of State’s office instead. of where the applications belong – their local election offices.

Patrick’s campaign ostensibly urged Republican voters to send their candidacies to the wrong place lest they end up in the hands of “Blue County election officials,” according to a campaign spokesperson.

In addition to denigrating the integrity of Texas election officials simply because their counties tend to get things wrong politically, Patrick’s campaign may have undermined Republican candidates competing in a hotly contested primaries where a handful of votes could make the cut. the difference. For a Republican politician, Patrick has achieved a rare feat: suppressing the Republican vote.

Are we missing something, or did Texas voters have no say when Republicans won across Texas in 2020, retaining the Senate, House and all elected offices across of State. Didn’t Texas attribute its 38 electoral votes to former President Trump? How was this possible with so much dishonesty and fraud in the big city centers – those dastardly blue zones full of cheaters, liars and cheats?

So is this where we have come to? Where Texans scream “fraud!” every time they lose an election? Where someone’s personal integrity is in question because they live in the wrong part of the state? Patrick’s campaign actions are a sad commentary on the state of democracy in Texas.

— Herald Banner

Harry L. Blanchard