OUR VIEWPOINT: Cowards and sellouts | Newsletters

State Representative Bryan Slaton doesn’t mince words.

John Cornyn is a sold coward.

“Senator John Cornyn’s betrayal is nothing less than an act of cowardice. I will fight to make sure Texas never even considers taking his bribe to pass red flag laws or any other gun control policies. Texas Republicans are tired of being sold out by their own party leaders. Now is the time to unite against the Democrats, not join them in adopting their agenda,” Slaton said.

Wielding his rhetoric like a flamethrower, our Texas House representative unleashed another searing salvo.

“The right to keep and bear arms must not be violated. I pledge to defend the rights of Texas gun owners against Compromise Cornyn, the Washington Democrats, and anyone else who seeks to attack the natural right to self-defense. Come and take it.”

Compromise Cornyn’s unpardonable sin? He helped broker a deal that attempts to tackle the American societal blight known as school shootings. Among other things, the Senate bill would improve background checks on purchases of people under 21, clarify who must register as a federal firearms dealer, encourage crackdowns on illegal trafficking of guns, would give more power to remove guns from people considered a danger to others or themselves or who have committed domestic violence. (Republicans were able to get funding for states that don’t have red flag laws but have other crisis response programs.) The bill also provides $11 billion for states that don’t have red flag laws. mental health services and $2 billion for community anti-violence programs. It also contains funding for more school mental health centers and support for suicide hotlines.

By Slaton’s logic, the other 13 Senate Republicans who backed the deal must also be cowards and betrayals.

But at least those cowards and betrayals acted – unlike anything Slaton did or probably ever will after Uvalde and Sutherland Springs and Santa Fe and El Paso and Midland-Odessa. And no, saying mean things about drag queens doesn’t count.

Will these measures taken by the Senate put an end to this scourge of massacres in our schools and churches and shopping centers? We doubt it. More needs to be done on several fronts.

Still, the bill is a start, one that does not infringe on the Second Amendment rights of any weighted, legal gun owner, and that addresses mental health and school safety. It’s a compromise bill crafted by adult lawmakers, not the kind of politicians who cling to the underside of their base like a barnacle and spew out rhetoric as incendiary as it’s calculated to win applause from like-minded supporters. the same ideas.

We ask: Who is the real coward?

Harry L. Blanchard