rcmd – Reinvented Command Tab

Hi! I’m Alin Panaitiu, the developer of rcmd, an application to switch applications in the fastest way possible on Mac: hold the key right control key and press the key corresponding to the first letter of app name (for example rcmd+M for Mail, rcmd+S for Safari etc.)

I’m posting this here now because I just launched rcmd v2 which finally adds a free downloadable trial on the official website: https://lowtechguys.com/rcmd

In the past I used apps like Karabiner, skhd and BetterTouchTool to manually assign right control + letter to apps for quick switching and launching. This worked great as I mostly switched between the same apps, but it quickly got annoying that I always had to reassign those keys every time I added a new app to my workflow.

Command tab works perfectly fine for most people, but I usually have to switch between 10+ apps while I’m working and that means I have to press the Tongue key multiple times to access an app I haven’t focused on lately.

rcmd is the answer to all these minor annoyances. It can:

  • to concentrate apps with one touch
  • launch applications if they are not already running
  • to hide applications with the same single key if they are already targeted
  • adapt dynamically key usage of your application
  • attribute your own custom keys with a single keypress (right control + Right option + letter to assign to the currently targeted application)

The app costs $6 on the App Store and can be tried before you buy by downloading it from the official website.

This forum should not be used for user support, so I’ll also leave a link to the contact page in case you run into any issues: https://lowtechguys.com/contact?app=rcmd

I’m sure some people won’t see any value in it and probably won’t need the app, no problem with that. To give you an idea of ​​where the app shines best, I’ll share my daily workflow and apps used here.

When developing rcmd, I use:

  • X-Code to write the code and build/debug the application
  • sublime text for more complex editing (lots of multicursor operations, regex replacement, etc.)
  • Kitty like my terminal for git, rsync etc.
  • NotePlan for task management, notes, blogging
  • Mimestream to respond to support emails
  • Discord to respond to support chats
  • Spotify to drown out the sound of children playing outside so I can concentrate
  • Pixelmateur Pro to create graphics like annotated screenshots for the website
  • Sketch to draw app icons, symbols for website and app
  • Lift to convert units, work with time, or develop custom math formulas
  • Safari, firefox, Chromium to test the site

Hope you can already see how difficult it would be to order the tab through so many apps.

rcmd allows me to:

  • switch to any of these apps with a single touch
  • press rcmd-K to check for a long command in Kitty, then without lifting your fingers, press rcmd-K again to hide Kitty and continue what was doing
  • launch these apps with the same key if they’re not already running, I don’t have to check if they’re running before switching to these
  • focus applications that I call temporary by adding Right shift (rshift)
    • for example, I may need to focus on Preview to see a PDF/image file I just opened, but rcmd-P is already assigned
    • I just use rcmd-rshift-P concentrate the unassigned Papp review
    • if i have more temp apps starting with Ppress the hotkey again to cycle through these apps in order

You can see what my rcmd assignments look like in the screenshot below:

Harry L. Blanchard