Revue now allows you to subscribe to newsletters directly on your Twitter timeline – TechCrunch

Starting today, Revue editors have yet another tool to turn their Twitter followers into newsletter subscribers. Now when you tweet your newsletter, readers will see a subscribe button built into the tweet.

When you share individual issues of your newsletter, they will look the same as if you shared an article from any other website – only after someone clicks on the article, when they return to their website. timeline, he will see the subscribe button.

In August, Twitter tested a feature allowing Revue’s newsletter editors to feature their newsletter directly on their profile. In September, the feature became available to all the writers of the Revue. But previously, subscribing to a newsletter through Twitter – whether it’s on someone’s profile, or now, via a tweet – required verifying your email. But now if you already have an email address linked to your Twitter account, you can subscribe with one click without confirming by email.

The feature is currently available on the web, but will soon be rolling out to iOS and Android, Revue said in a statement. Tweeter.

Twitter acquired Revue in January, helping the platform compete in the rapidly growing newsletter space. Journal takes a 5% reduction in creator income, plus a standard amount of 2.9%, plus a processing fee of $ 0.30. So if someone subscribes to your Review newsletter for $ 5, you will earn $ 4.30. In comparison, Substack takes 10% of writers’ income, plus processing fees.

Twitter has remained busy with acquisitions this year, announcing its acquisition of Sphere, a group chat app, this week.

Harry L. Blanchard