SEDCO Launches New 24/7 Instant Card Issuance Self-Service Kiosk

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – SEDCO, a global leader in providing digital branch transformation solutions unveils its latest self-service kiosk, CONSULTA®130, with enhanced capabilities, for banks and other industries, supporting multiple card-issuing vendors. The machine can onboard customers, scan and save any type of KYC data required, then instantly print and issue debit, credit or prepaid cards, driver’s license or car cards and loyalty cards.

The new CONSULTA®Booth 130 is part of SEDCO CONSULTA® Kiosks series. It has a sleek design and can fit into smaller spaces while retaining key features like virtual assistance, where customers can reach service agents via video call 24/7. The machine is particularly suitable for services that require time, such as opening a new account, currency exchange and issuing checks. With an ADA-compliant design, CONSULTA® provide equal access for wheelchair users.

Speaking of the new self-service machine, Majdi Shawish, CEO of SEDCO, said, “We are committed to providing a universal digital agency solution to all of our clients. We listened to their requirements and are now able to deliver a product that meets all their needs. By providing innovative self-service solutions, banks, public institutions, and other types of businesses can automate and improve the customer experience anywhere, anytime.

These multi-function kiosks can support many types of card printing devices and serve business customers not only in our traditionally served industry which is banking, but now we are able to support customers in other industries such as healthcare, government, municipal, utility, police, insurance, or any institution that currently needs to issue physical cards to its customers. With self-service solutions becoming popular across different industries, this type of service is no longer an option but a necessity to deliver the best customer experience,” added Mr. Shawish, CEO of SEDCO.

SEDCO’s digital branch transformation solutions help customers move from an eight-hour service center to 24/7 self-service areas. Self-service kiosks can be located in the branch or made available in shopping malls, airports and other public places for easy and convenient access to services. The kiosks’ extensive support features allow banking customers to, for example, open new accounts, request new services, deposit checks, print check books, apply for loans, pay bills, host video banking sessions, and more. The kiosks can be adapted according to the needs of the company. They can be upgraded later to fit the digital transformation roadmap.

SEDCO’s self-service solution offers, through its Business Intelligence (BI) tools, detailed reports on machine performance, revenue per transaction, customer traffic, service demand, service management report inventory and cash, and many other reports. The solution also displays targeted advertisements to customers based on their interests and profiles, increasing cross-selling opportunities. Additionally, the self-service solution can be integrated with SEDCO’s advanced queue management system to enable intelligent routing, guiding customers to the right service channel based on service type and service availability. personnel or machinery.

SEDCO has a long track record of providing automated, multi-functional, one-stop self-service solutions to the financial industry, including banks and insurance companies, in addition to other industries like telecommunications, government organizations and utility companies. The new series of self-service kiosks is another step in improving the omnichannel experience for customers.

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Harry L. Blanchard