SISIAGD Forums Updated February 2022 Article: 7 Surprising Uses of Hoverboards

Most people think of hoverboards as cool toys for kids and teens.

The SISIAGD forum updated the article in February 2022: Hoverboards have 7 surprising practical uses, describing in more detail that there are other functions that can be developed beyond conventional driving. Here is the specific content of the article.

Hoverboards aren’t just for fun rides. Self-balancing personal transportation can actually help people increase their mobility and allow them to enjoy the outdoors more. Thinking about buying one or wondering about all the fuss, the cool and functional way people use hoverboards might surprise people.

Before using them for these purposes, you should check local laws and restrictions on the use of hoverboards and similar personal transportation. Some cities, campuses, parks and businesses have banned their use.

1. Increase daily mobility

Adults often use self-balancing scooters rather than hoverboards to tour the park. Certain disabilities or illnesses make long walks arduous and require people to use a wheelchair or electric scooter to get around. Hoverboards are a great option.

Due to their compact size, they are easy to move and transport in tight spaces. Hoverboards can be used in museums, stores or even around the house. (Check any restrictions or laws regarding the use of the hoverboard.)

2. Work fast

Many people don’t work in small offices or stores, but in large warehouses or sprawling corporate campuses. Managers, IT professionals, and other employees may have to walk a lot during the workday, from building to building, or just through large warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Bikes are a great way to get around a large tech campus, but aren’t practical for warehouses or employees whose dress code isn’t bike-friendly. Whether indoors or outdoors, employees can easily traverse large office lofts, warehouse shelves, or use hoverboards to traverse campus.

3. Transportation on campus

Traditional college campuses are often sprawling, with green spaces and separate buildings for different departments. Getting from the dorm to algebra class at 9 a.m. can be a frantic sprint to no avail. Hoverboards are a great option for people, allowing them to navigate parks and sidewalks where bikes and scooters are not allowed.

Additionally, the hoverboard can be used to get around town and to shopping areas outside of campus without the need for a car. In some areas, hoverboards may be restricted by law. Check local restrictions before using on campus.

4. Urban Shuttle

Adults who live and work in urban centers find it inconvenient to own cars and ride bicycles that do not match their lifestyle and required work attire. By using hoverboards, people can travel for miles without hearing annoying loud motors.

Should always wear proper safety gear for the hoverboard, especially when riding on heavily trafficked roads.

5. Portable table or stool

Have you ever thought about putting the hoverboard aside? Now there is a stool for people to sit anywhere. In parks and festivals where space is limited, it’s a great way to avoid sitting on wet grass or dirty sidewalks.

If you are hungry or thirsty while traveling, use the hoverboard as a table. Keep drinks or food off the ground by balancing it on top.

6. Go for a spin like a kart

Using a hoverboard in this way may seem more fun than it actually is, but it opens up a lot of new possibilities. With the Hoverboard Kart accessory, one can turn a two-wheeled transporter into a speedy cart. With a hoverboard go-kart it is also possible to race around the park or go around the neighborhood.

7. Increase Pokemon Go Range

Pokémon Go has become a huge phenomenon in recent years, and one of the great things about the game is that it lets people explore their communities in search of elusive Pokémon. Hoverboards have recently become a popular way for Pokemon Go players to increase their range and efficiency. Others use hoverboards for more efficiency rather than walking some days.

Hoverboards are great for getting around parks and neighborhoods without having to walk for hours. If people want to ride a hoverboard at their favorite gym, make sure they don’t have any restrictions.


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