Substacks’ new tools will make it easier to listen to newsletters

Substack is great for newsletters, and now the company is adding new features that should improve the audio experience for writers and subscribers.

Announced in a blog post this week, Substack has a handful of new features coming its way. By focusing on the audio side, these add convenience for writers, which, in turn, makes everything better for readers (listeners?).

The first major update is the ability to quickly add voiceovers to posts. Prior to this update, authors had to treat voiceovers as individual podcasts. Now that is changing.

In the future, writers will be able to add voiceovers directly to posts. instead of integrating these individual podcasts.

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That’s great, but what if you hate your voice or don’t want to hire someone to do voiceovers for you? This is where Substack’s biggest update comes in.

The company sets up voice synthesis. This is primarily for iOS users, but it’s supposed to release on other platforms once it’s proven to work well.

substack text to speech
Image: KnowTechie

Finally, and in conjunction with the first part of the mentioned update, authors will be able to integrate several audio files. This one might prove useful, sure, but it’s minor compared to the other updates.

Overall, this is a solid announcement from Substack. Reading isn’t always an easy option, so giving writers better tools to provide readers with a podcast-like option is really nice.

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