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This holiday season has created a perfect storm of terrible gift sourcing conditions. Supply chain issues meant both delays and smaller product runs, transportation and logistics companies were overwhelmed and understaffed, ports were overwhelmed, and Omicron’s late push made everything more difficult.

If you still have people you need to shop for, now that most of the shipping deadlines have passed and your best bet is to head to a local store and hope for the best, why not consider gifting a subscription to the newsletter? We obviously love newsletters here, and we think they can make an amazing gift for the right person. With the recent boom, there are countless independently run newsletters doing amazing work at very affordable prices, and on top of that, you’re going to be supporting a small business (usually a single person).

Below we asked some of our favorite newsletter publishers on a variety of topics what their favorite paid newsletters are. (Many of them also run their own paid newsletters, which you should also check out.)

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2 p.m.

My recommendation would be 2 p.m.. It’s described as a newsletter focused on the intersection of media and commerce, but it’s much more than that. Web Smith’s essays and selection of articles cover a wide range of topics and often look to the past to find patterns that suggest what our future may hold.

I would suggest Popular information by Judd Legum. He does in-depth reporting, especially when it comes to finding out which companies are pouring money into organizations with values ​​they publicly reject. Most newsletter writers follow the media. The media follows Judd.

My answer should just be Heated. I don’t think any other newscast lives up to the promise of the medium quite like Emily Atkin’s Climate Change Newscast. Many newsletters are informative, many are funny, many tell original stories, and many are consistently relevant and momentous. Important, but I really mean it when I say no one understands all of these things quite like Heated Is. It has undoubtedly changed the way I look at climate change and the response to it and it truly covers stories no one else covers; you will really get your money’s worth with Heated, because Emily’s operation is somehow more in-depth and sophisticated than the climate coverage of many full-fledged publications. For the person who is interested in science and negotiations, sausage making and the hard details of economics, this is a great gift.

Parker Molloy contributed to Media Matters and has now translated his archived knowledge of political hypocrisy into his newsletter, The present age. Whenever a Republican accomplice or goofy media outlet is trending on Twitter, Parker is always there with, as they say, the receipts. A great resource to remind you why, exactly, you despise these overpaid political hacks.

The present age

My pick is Cherie Hu Water & Music newsletter! She does a fantastic job on music technology. She is at the forefront of Web3, both with her coverage and the way she builds her business.

by Ben Thompson Strategy is definitely my favorite paid newsletter. Incredible news and analysis about the past, present and future of technology delivered to my inbox several times a week. Constantly arms me with the information I need to feel dangerous as a tech investor and plants the seeds that spark active debate among my diverse friend groups and communities.

I’m obsessed with Book Bear Express by Ava. His writing hits all the right chords, every time. I don’t know how to describe it other than it’s a short newsletter full of beautiful thoughts on what it means to be human. Here’s a recent thought that stuck with me: “If someone is much better than you at something, they’re probably trying much harder. You’re probably underestimating how hard they try.

Lenny’s Newsletter

Tim Huelskamp, 1440

My favorite is Lenny’s Newsletter. Lenny relies on his community to provide unique information and manuals for founders on all areas of business creation, including products, growth, and team building, among other incredibly insightful topics. Some of the best content on the internet lives in its NL, it’s a must-have subscription for all business builders.

My recommendation is New World Rave. Michelle Lhooq, the author, takes a hands-on, first-person approach to writing about underground nightlife – the dancing, the drugs and the characters within it. I love the enthusiasm and openness with which she approaches her subjects. Through her eyes and the discord she curated for paid subscribers, I discovered new dimensions of the underground as well as the cultural forces that shape the way we go wild. Michelle uses a light-hearted writing style, but don’t let that make you forget how fearlessly she approaches her subjects.

Eli London, Breads (Yes it’s me.)

I am a huge NBA Basketball fan. I think it’s the most fun of American sports (football is still my number one love). by Tom Ziller hello it’s basketball is a must-read for me as it discusses everything in the game, from the culture to in-depth analysis of the fun and weird things that happen in the league. It has a unique voice removed from the cookie-cutter reports you read on most major sites.

Harry L. Blanchard