The 8 Best Career Newsletters

There are millions of career articles online, and we can all agree that there is way too much information out there. They are a free resource you can use to learn career development and job search skills.

These newsletters can help you hone your craft as an employee with tips, advice, and suggestions on how you can improve your job search. We’ve tested several career newsletters to find the best ones for you.

Forbes offers tailored newsletters for its readers, ranging from career advice to cutting-edge innovation that makes the news. The Forbes Career Newsletter is a weekly email that delivers the latest career news, tips and inspiration from Forbes experts to your inbox.

But it’s not just about helping you find a job, it’s also about helping you understand all about salary trends, work-life balance, and how to make sure your current job is right for you.

With each issue, they share curated picks for the week, including articles and videos, so you can learn more about what drives your favorite companies, get inspired for your next career move, and hear from industry leaders. industry talk about their experiences.

The Balance Careers is a great website for keeping up with the latest trends in career advice and job search. It provides advice and resources to help you find a job, advance your career and make better decisions for your future.

The daily Balance Today newsletter isn’t necessarily career-focused per se, but you can expect to find the latest finance-related news and advice, including a curated collection of “Editor’s Picks” and ” Term of the day”.

Their website offers a wealth of resources – you can access free e-books and guides on job search topics – getting hired, creating an effective cover letter, or how to stand out in an interview. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to do well for an interview or how much to save for retirement, this newsletter has you covered.

The Muse Career newsletter is packed with career advice, tools and resources from the Muse team. It’s a great way to stay up to date on everything career-related, from industry trends and company announcements to personal development tips and advice on how to ace your next interview.

They also include exclusive thought leadership content from industry experts on topics such as managing your career during times of change and developing skills that will make you more marketable in today’s economy. , or why you should stop worrying about your salary right now. It also keeps you up to date with the latest job vacancies.

Sidekick is a fun, informative, and helpful website for anyone looking to get the most out of their workday. They have a few newsletters and podcasts – the Morning Brew Daily and Money Scoop have the best stories on topics like technology, innovation and personal finance.

Sidekick gives you tips and tricks to be more productive at work and feel better prepared for any situation. Sidekick is all about finding a balance between your personal and professional life, and they include some fun stuff too!

From gourmet finds to drink recipes, you can dive into things that make you happy outside of work. The Sidekick newsletter has four sections: Optimize, OffHours, Eat+Drink, and Work Life, so you can stay on top of your career and always feel like you’re in control of your life.

Remote.Co is a remote work community and newsletter that helps you find your next job, hire people for your team, and learn the best ways to work remotely.

It provides tips and resources on how to manage your remote workers, as well as tools to help you find the right talent and keep them happy. If you are looking to develop your professional acumen, the website also provides links to recommended online courses for various industries.

Their newsletter features remote jobs from around the world. It includes a mix of positions – from entry level to senior level – and industries – from design to technology and more.

The WorkITDaily Dose newsletter is full of interesting and actionable tips that can help you confidently navigate your career. You’ll learn how to develop networking skills, improve your resume and cover letter, find a job that matches your personality type, and learn about interview strategies.

With a free membership, there are plenty of other benefits too: access to paid events as well as free resources and templates that will help you succeed at work. WorkITDaily covers all aspects of professional development, from finding an internship to getting a promotion or learning how to negotiate pay raises.

Career Contessa is a newsletter that aims to help women become more successful at work by providing them with helpful resources – guides, books and career coaching that help them be more fulfilled and healthy in their careers. They publish thought-provoking articles on topics such as work-life balance, confidence, and career advancement.

The newsletter is a trusted resource that helps professional women perform at their best, at work and in life. With articles on everything from how to be successful at work to negotiating a pay rise, it’s like having your own personal career coach in your inbox.

While TED isn’t just a career-focused website, it offers resources for business leaders, job seekers, entrepreneurs, and innovators who want to stay up to date. They post short videos, known as TED Talks.

Their newsletter keeps you up to date with talks and workshops around TEDx events around the world. TED’s newsletters (TED Recommends and Daily Email) include insightful content on topics ranging from technology and design to science and innovation. Here’s everything TED has to offer that you probably haven’t noticed.

Stay on track with your career

These career newsletters are great to read because they are written by experts in their field. They give you helpful advice that you can use to achieve your career goals.

The newsletters cover a variety of topics, from improving your job search to optimizing your work day. If you want to get a head start trying to advance your career, these career newsletters are sure to prove indispensable.

Harry L. Blanchard