The NMU Foundation will host public forums on the redevelopment of the hospital site

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – The Northern Michigan University Foundation plans to hold community forums regarding efforts to facilitate the redevelopment of the former hospital site adjacent to the NMU campus.

Two forums will be held at the Center Nord on Tuesday May 3: the first from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. and the second from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Participants will receive a brief project update and take part in polling activities and dialogue with other community members. Refreshments will be served.

“The Northern Michigan University Foundation continues to be focused on facilitating an outcome that will benefit NMU and the entire Marquette community,” said John List, Chairman of the NMU Foundation Board of Trustees. “Through our partnership with the City of Marquette, Marquette Redevelopment Authority, UP Health System – Marquette and many others, we have achieved several critical milestones towards this outcome and continue to remain focused on aligning resources and expertise to make this opportunity a reality. The NMU Foundation looks forward to an engaging conversation with community members about these efforts as well as receiving their ideas for a successful way forward.

In September 2021, the NMU Foundation (NMUF) entered into a contract for the purchase and eventual sale of real estate with UP Health System – Marquette (UPHSM), a Duke LifePoint Hospital, for the purpose of redeveloping the former site of Marquette General Hospital on College Avenue in a way that benefits NMU, the City of Marquette, and residents of shared communities.

Since entering into its agreement with UPHSM, NMUF said it has assessed the full range of opportunities and potential challenges associated with redevelopment of the site, including environmental due diligence and a financial feasibility analysis of the project,

Along with due diligence activities, NMUF worked with the City of Marquette, Marquette Brownfield Redevelopment Authority and the State of Michigan to facilitate a collaborative public funding approach to prepare the site for redevelopment, including demolition of the existing complex. .

On March 11, it issued a National Request for Qualifications (RFQ) as part of its efforts to find a master developer who will be NMUF’s major majority partner in the project, with requirements that the partner will create the type of development that will represents the long-term interests of NMU, the Town of Marquette, surrounding neighborhoods and the wider region. The response period for the RFQ ended on April 8.

A special ad hoc committee of the NMUF Board of Directors will select a Lead Developer through an established procurement process and a set of evaluation criteria tied to project objectives, as outlined in the RFQ. . If NMUF is successful in negotiating a partnership with a master developer, including owning an equity stake, it will seek to close the deal with UP Health System – Marquette by May 31.

NMUF invites area residents to learn about the work that has been done to date, what to expect from the upcoming process, and to share their feedback on this potential project.

“We look forward to this important conversation with the Marquette community,” said Brad Canale, CEO of the NMU Foundation. “The primary purpose of this meeting is to facilitate a forum where residents can ask questions and provide feedback on the future of this site.”

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