Twitter gets into newsletters with the acquisition of Revue

Twitter wants a piece of the growing newsletter industry. Today, the company announced that he acquired Revue for an undisclosed sum. The latter is one of the best-known services for creating and managing a newsletter — the other being Substack — which is automatically sent to subscribers’ inboxes. In a blog post, Twitter argued that newsletters were a natural extension of its platform. Many writers, after all, use Twitter to build an audience and promote their work, which for an ever-growing number of journalists and content creators includes a newsletter.

“Our goal is to make it easy for them to connect with their followers, while helping readers better discover authors and their content,” Kayvon Beykpour and Mike Park of Twitter co-wrote in the blog post. For now, Twitter and Revue will mostly remain separate. But Twitter “imagines” many ways to bring the two services together. There could be a newsletter subscription button, for example, next to the regular follow option on Twitter. The company also hinted at “new settings” that would allow newsletter writers to converse with their subscribers. “Everything will work seamlessly on Twitter,” the blog post announced.

To mark the occasion, Twitter is making Revue Pro features free for everyone. If you want to charge for access to your newsletter, you will also only lose 5% in commission costs. Substack, for comparison, currently charges 10%. The latter attracted many well-known journalists, including Casey Newton and Anne Helen Petersen.

Revue is the latest in a long line of Twitter acquisitions. The company bought Squad, a screen sharing and video chat startup last December. Before that, the social giant absorbed Fabula AI, which is working on technology to detect fake news, and Chroma Labs, a team that built a now-discontinued editor for Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram Stories.

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Harry L. Blanchard