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If you were eager to launch an email newsletter through Twitter following its acquisition of Dutch newsletter platform Revue last month, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for full integration. But Twitter has quietly added a newsletter link to its web app — pointing its social network users to the publishing platform.

The company told us that the two platforms remain separate for the time being – meaning those wishing to sign up for a Twitter-owned Revue newsletter can still create a separate account (Revue) to do so (although that Revue also offers a connection via Twitter option). It is therefore the first small step on the way to a future deeper integration.

New subscriptions to the Revue editor-level paid newsletters also remain on hiatus for the time being.

Jwitter has confirmed that he has returned to the publisher’s offer of Revue as a private beta for the time being. while it focuses on investing in platform infrastructure to pave the way for projected future demand.

The paid tier will offer more advanced features such as the ability to manage multiple newsletters and customize themes.

Twitter was unable to provide a timeline indicating when this level of newsletters will be open to new signups again. Corn he said it was still possible to create a paid newsletter below the free newsletter level through the Revue platform.

One of the changes it has already made is to reduce the fee Revue takes for paid newsletters – to 5%.

He also told us that he’s merged the original Free and Pro tiers that Revue offered before the acquisition, meaning the free Revue tier is now a bit more comprehensive.

The addition of a link to “Newsletters” in the “More” tab of Twitter’s web app was spotted earlier by a few eagle-eyed users – including our own editor, Matthew Panzarino.

Clicking on the Newsletter link leads to a pop-up encouraging Twitter users to create a free newsletter to reach their audience, pointing out features such as the ability to embed tweets, import mailing lists, analyze engagement and earn money from followers.

A large “Learn more” button links directly to the Review platform.

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Unless you’ve been on a very long digital detox, you’ll have noticed that newsletters have been a hit lately. The rise of platforms that help writers monetize their content through an email delivery format presents a clear risk/opportunity for Twitter, a company that relies on an army of users who contribute freely and publicly to abbreviated content.

But with Twitter launching its own internal newsletter, tweets can potentially inflate in value – becoming top of the funnel for Twitter users to build a community of followers they’ve made able to convert into paying subscribers for more content. long, delivered as a newsletter.

Twitter told us that it has frozen new subscriptions to Revue’s paid tier so that it can focus on improving the infrastructure to efficiently meet new customer demand and make Revue an even more powerful tool for consumers. editors.

He added that it is working quickly to roll out a new paid publisher level version of the newsletter tool open to new customers, pointing to a mailing list for interested parties to sign up for the latest updates (here).

Last month we reported that Twitter had been spotted working to integrate the newsletter into its platform, so it looks like it’s moving in a heartbeat to plug Revue and capitalize on the hype and momentum around paid newsletters. Although he’s prioritizing infrastructure investments over any deeper integration at this time – and told us he’s still thinking about how this might work in practice. So it looks like there is a way to go.

Preventing Twitter users from finding a home for their longer thoughts elsewhere is likely a priority for Twitter – as competition for attention in the social sphere intensifies, such as from the newsletter platform ( rival) Substack (which has been building momentum since 2017); and the Clubhouse live voice chat app (which recently captivated clique-loving technorati).

The current integration on Twitter’s web app is under the three-dot ‘More’ menu option in the sidebar – which displays a prompt to ‘Learn more’.

Twitter noted that the features it points out up there — such as the ability to drag and drop tweets to embed them — were already offered by Revue.

Newsletter platform Revue, which competes with, among others, Andreessen Horowitz-backed Substack, maintains integration support for a number of third-party services, including Facebook, Instagram, Pocket, Product Hunt, Instapaper and even Feeds. RSS. Once users have integrated these services, they can drag and drop stories from these feeds to the newsletter.

In the current avatar, users can manually add subscriber email addresses or import a list from Mailchimp or a CSV file. On the home screen, which noted reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong first spotted last week, Twitter also announces that its newsletter can help writers and editors earn money from paid subscribers. .

The Revue platform also allows users to schedule their newsletters.

It remains to be seen what additional features Twitter will bring to the platform.

This report has been updated with a number of corrections after we received additional information from Twitter to clarify that the web app integration only extends to displaying a shortcut in the app. tab at this point. The two platforms remain separate, so any deeper integration is yet to come.

Harry L. Blanchard