Twitter is testing a feature that puts users’ Review newsletters on their profiles – TechCrunch

Last January, Twitter acquired newsletter platform Revue, but so far its integration into Twitter has been minimal; sometimes when writing twitter threads you will be greeted with a “Hello word smithsmessage that informs you about its newsletter tools.

Starting today, Twitter is testing a feature that places Revue newsletters more prominently in the Twitter experience. Some web and Android users may see Writers Review newsletters appear on their profile under their subscriber count. If you click Subscribe, you’ll be prompted to read a sample issue or subscribe using the email address associated with your Twitter account. Revue says this feature will also be deploy on iOS soon.

The newsletter market is heating up – Medium and Quora both recently released new monetization structures, Substack is currently valued at $650 million, and Facebook is curating a list of flashy newsletters on Bulletin. Even Tumblr is trying to cash in on paid writing, though its user base isn’t thrilled. But with its new front-end integration on Twitter profiles, Revue could also gain momentum.

“One of the reasons I chose their platform was the ability to link my newsletter to my Twitter feed and make it easier for my followers to subscribe,” Revue wrote. Wicker Jewel tweeted. “Glad the rollout has started.”

Revue takes a 5% cut from creator earnings, plus a standard 2.9%, plus a $0.30 processing fee. So if someone subscribes to your Revue newsletter for $5, you will walk away with $4.30. Comparatively, Substack takes 10% of writers’ earnings, plus processing fees.

Harry L. Blanchard