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This is just a quick question for those who are considering starting a blog but haven’t been able to get started yet.

  1. What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back?
  2. What tasks do you find difficult in creating a blog?

Besides …
If you have already started your blog, would you like to share your experience of starting a blog (just to help us understand better).

  1. Personally, what did you find difficult or time-consuming when launching your blog?
  2. How long did it take you to start earning an income?

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Who is “planning to start a blog”?

You just… do it.

Unless what you’re really asking is “for those considering trying to flood the already saturated blog space with more mindless self-promotion in a desperate attempt to try and get out of gray SEO every other gray SEO blogs out there” In that case, my response is “Don’t. -points.


That’s a good point.
However, the fact is that many people “just do it”, but “finishing it” and “generating income” is much more difficult for most people.
By the way, “just doing it” is actually the most difficult task for many people. Every day I see many people struggling to “just start”.

You see, you and I have different ideas about what a blog is for.

You see it as a mechanism to generate income.

I see it as a mechanism for posting either well-thought-out information that you want others to see, or random everyday nonsense.

I have no interest in blogging, but I’ve seen people on these forums asking to start, and they all seem to be approaching things backwards. The first question they ask is “What should I write about to make money?” My answer to that would be: nothing. If your only interest is to make money, you’re unlikely to write things that others will want to read, and if you have to ask what topic(s) to cover, chances are you don’t have not enough knowledge in the relevant field to produce anything worthwhile.

There are good reasons to start a blog. For instance:

“If I write articles showing people how to use the products on my site, will people find it useful?”

“I have a fascinating collection of 18th century silverware. Maybe people would be interested in reading about it.

“I love to write. I will blog about my activities for my own enjoyment, and maybe others will enjoy it too.

All positive reasons, and none of them centered on making money. If the blog is making money or increasing your sales, that’s an added bonus. That shouldn’t be the goal, as far as I’m concerned.


Harry L. Blanchard